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  • Eleanor Iris

    19 14.29%
  • Louisa Blythe

    35 26.32%
  • Lucy Beatrix

    35 26.32%
  • Miriam Blythe

    14 10.53%
  • Violet Beatrix

    30 22.56%
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    Favorite of our short list

    So I have narrowed down the old longer list of names that I revisited the other day. I asked my DH to say which one he liked the most and which one he liked the least. He said they were all good and it is a good list to go into delivery with. I feel pretty comfortable with this list, but I am just curious about what one you like the most. I'm also curious which one is liked the least.
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    1 Louisa Blythe
    2 Miriam Blythe
    3 Eleanor Iris
    4 Lucy Beatrix
    5 Violet Beatrix

    I think the top two above have a wonderful blend of vintage and contemporary.
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    They're all lovely, but out of them all, Eleanor Iris sounds the best to my ears.
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    Louisa Blythe is my favorite. Beautiful, underused Louisa paired with happy, sweet Blythe is just lovely. They're all great though. If I were ranking them:

    1. Louisa Blythe
    2. Miriam Blythe
    3. Eleanor Iris
    4. Lucy Beatrix
    5. Violet Beatrix

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    I voted for Lucy Beatrix but was really torn as Louisa Blythe is just lovely. In retrospect I think I'd go with Louisa Blythe and use Lucy as a nickname.

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