View Poll Results: Which Isadora (sadie) combo is your favourite?

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  • Isadora Scarlett

    37 25.17%
  • Isadora Pearl

    64 43.54%
  • Isadora Clementine

    10 6.80%
  • Isadora Bluebell

    26 17.69%
  • Isadora Ruby

    10 6.80%
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    I voted for Isadora Scarlett but I'm not a fan of Isadora as it sounds a little pretentious to me.

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    Thanks for your honestly! I think there is others out there that may find Isadora a little pretentious too....And Aurora for that matter! Nn Sadie totally grounds it IMO however, as Rory does with Aurora! More than happy to hear from people who don't like Isadora for whatever reason though... It's all relative and food for thought!

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    Isadora is such a grand name, flamboyant, totally feminine with a touch of fiestiness a great extroverts name and because I love the whimsy of Bluebell it makes it a perfect match for me.

    I would hate the marvellous Isadora to be given the plain nickname of Dora though that would spoil her personality for me.

    I think Isa would be a much better fit.

    It is a classy name and only one for the brave namers out there in babyland.

    All the best,


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    Rollo thanks for the feedback! You have totally summarised why I love Isadora!!! Nn Sadie for me gives it total versatility as she is growing up and I also love the tie to Sarah as that's my name! She could always use Isa, Adora or Zora if she felt that they fit her when she was older! I love that is flamboyant yet still classy, elegant, feminine and potentially feisty or eccentric if that's who she grows up to be! It definately has more personality than Aurora in my eyes... Though I do love Aurora for other reasons!

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    I like both Isadora Pearl and Isadora Clementine, but Isadora Pearl gets my vote. Isadora Pearl flows well and both names are beautiful.
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