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    We're having serious trouble with a boy J name!

    We're expecting boy #3 in July and I can't find a name that I love. All the boys in the family do/will have the innitials JDS. DH is John Douglas, DS1 is Jensen Dean, DS2 is Jeter(like Derek Jeter, the baseball dude) Dawson. As you can tell we like "different" names. Here are the names we are considering and the reasons i'm not completely sold on them...

    Jameson - My favorite but wonder if it's too close to Jensen? Maybe too common?
    Jaxon - Love the nn Jax but hate that it's so popular and it is kind of close to Jensen.
    Jones - Like that it is so unusual but don't really care for how it would sound in everyday use. Maybe because it's only 1 syllable?
    Jase - I dont like that it's not a surname like the other boy's and it is only 1 syllable like Jones so I don't know. I like it tho.

    What do YOU think? I've read every J list on every website and can't find any "new" names. Is there a J name that you have heard and thought "I haven't heard that before"? What is it?

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    I have a secret love for Jaxon because I really like the nn Jax.

    I don't know if you'll like these, but these are some J names that I'm loving recently...
    Jethro (maybe too close to Jeter)

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    Jameson is too close to Jensen.
    Jaxon is popular
    Jones is too surnamey
    Jase is nice

    Jefferson ( a 'son' name that is not too close to Jensen)
    ♥Cole, Christian & Sir Angus Fionn♥

    Lyra Primrose, Amelia Hyacinth, Imogen Viola/ Magnus Frey, Morgan Escher, Sebastian Lake
    the rest of my combos
    Elizabeth, Adelaide, Clara, Arabella, Beatrice, Imogen, Juniper, Cordelia, Hermione, Isabella
    the rest of the girls
    William, Edgar, Jasper, Gilbert, Henry, Horatio, Magnus, Sebastian, Basil, Bennett
    the rest of the boys

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    You know, it's funny, right after I read this post, I went to another website and saw an ad for something about the Jetsons ... Jetson? Too close to Jensen probably. Also, when I saw Jones, it reminded me of Jacoby (ja-COH-bee) (because Jacoby Jones is a football player). That would fit in nicely with your sons' names.

    Here are some I found, though I'm sure you've already seen them. (Sorry for repeats, I've been dilly-dallying and I'm sure someone else has posted an answer by now.)
    Jaxton (gets you Jax, but differentiates from Jensen)
    Jericho (I actually really love this with your sons' names!)
    Jaggar (too "cool"?)
    Joah (gets you the popular sound of Noah with a different name)
    Jango (though people might think you named him after the movie)

    And of course, there is always the obvious: Johnson -- it's a surname, like your other sons' names and it works perfectly because his father's name is John. It's definitely unusual as a first name.

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    I once knew a kid named Jory. Not very common, so you may not have come across it.

    Have you decided upon the D middle name, or are you waiting to find the J name first?

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