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    New to Nameberry and looking for suggestions

    I've been looking at Nameberry lists for a few weeks now, wish I'd had them when I was naming my first three. The forums are full of great suggestions so I'm hoping to get some myself for my fourth (and final for sure!)
    We have 2 boys and a girl already, and we've decided this time not to find out the gender. I think this is why we're having a hard time choosing a name, it seemed easier when we knew what we were having.
    Our boys are Magnus Oliver and Ivo Andreas and their sister is Adela Corinne.
    We have some ideas, but haven't settled on any. We live in the UK so need a name familiar in English, but would like at least one of the baby's names to be of German origin or at least familiar in Germany.
    Boys: Neven, Caspar, Bruno
    Girls: Sophie, Lucie, Johanna
    I like Sascha for a boy or a girl, any feedback welcomed on whether you would use it for either gender.

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