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Thread: Babysitter

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    Daughters 1&2: Ariana Jolene Christner *Aria* & Phaedra Grace Christner
    Son 1: Demetrius James Christner
    Daughter 3: Persephone Rose Christner *Sephy*

    Daughter: Julianna Raquel Jones
    Son: Reuben Ivor Jones

    Son: Atticus Fletcher

    Son 1: Graham Sebastian Wood *Gray*
    Daughter 1: Sailor Rosemary Wood
    Son 2: Dominic Blue Wood

    Daughter 1: Sophia Honora Murphy
    Daughter 2: Victoria Ninette Murphy
    Daughter 3: Marie Celeste Murphy

    Daughter: Marlowe Scout Dotson *Marlie*
    Son: Skylar Lloyd Dotson *Sky*

    Son 1: Elijah Gallagher Lowe *Eli*
    Son 2: Tobias Benjamin Lowe *Toby*
    Son 3: Aron Harrison Lowe *Ari*

    Daughter 1: Agnes Eleanor Hopper
    Son 1: Conrad Leonard Hopper
    Daughter 2: Frances Leonie Hopper

    Daughter: Cecily Rue Dyer *Ces*
    Son: Sawyer Valentin Dyer

    Daughter 1: Azure Felicity Whitfield
    Son 1: Riley Ellis Whitfield
    Son 2: Phoenix Alexander Whitfield
    Son 3: Castor Logan Whitfield
    Daughter 2: Ever Coraline Whitfield
    Son 4: Natal Vaughn Whitfield
    Daughter 3: Madigan Raine Whitfield
    Son 5: Finley Xavier Whitfield

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    You're a babysitter for several families, name the kids.

    1. The Christner's. You babysit their four kids for them about once a month.
    Aaliyah Grace Christner + Sabina Rose Christner - age 5
    Xavier Byrin Christner - age 3½
    Leila Willow Christner - age 2

    2. The Jones'. You babysit their two kids every tuesday afternoon.
    Rohan Owen Jones - age 5
    Megan Caitlin Jones - age 3

    3. The Fisher's. You watch their son every now and then when you need extra cash.
    Arthur James Fisher "Art" - age 4

    4. The Woods'. You take their three kids to the park every Wednesday.
    Orlando John Woods - age 8
    Alessandra Lenore Woods - age 7
    Lewis Edward Woods - age 5

    5. The Murphy's. Their kids come to the park with you sometimes on Wednesdays.
    Cleo Josephine Murphy - age 6
    Anja Louise Murphy - age 5
    Roisin Amelie Murphy - age 3

    6. The Dotson's. You sometimes tutor their daughter.
    Zoe Sofia Dotson - age 7
    Lleyton Noah Dotson - age 15 months

    7. The Lowe's. They carpool with you to the kids' school.
    Jaxon Thomas Lowe - age 7
    Keiron Henry Lowe - age 6
    Evelyn Ruby Lowe "Evie" - age 11 months

    8. The Hopper's. You watch their kids some Sunday evenings.
    Elle Imogen Hopper - age 9
    Jett Hudson Hopper - age 8
    Phebe Georgina Hopper - age 20 months

    9. The Dyer's. They are friends with your kids, so you end up watching them a lot.
    Callum Anthony Dyer - age 8
    Caleb Ezekiel Dyer - age 4

    10. The Whitfield's. They have an awfully large family. You end up halling their kids around quite a bit. (some of the kids are adopted)
    Kari Rebecca Whitfield - age 9
    Dalton Theodore Whitfield - age 8
    Jasper Patrick Whitfield - age 7
    Pierce William Whitfield - age 5
    Sonja Penelope Whitfield - age 4
    Oscar Felix Whitfield - age 3
    Caspar Samuel Whitfield - age 2
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    1. The Christners....
    Rose Allegra & May Violet
    Julian Ames (Jules)
    Eve Adeline

    2. The Jones.....
    Collin Abram
    Rosalie Harper (Sally)

    3. The Fishers....
    Edmond Ford (Ned)

    4. The Woods....
    Frederick Arlo (Red)
    Hazel Bliss
    Louis Quincy

    5. The Murphys....
    Louisa Belle (Loulou)
    Roxanne Eliza (Roxy)
    Beth Hannah

    6. The Dotsons....
    Marie Claudia
    Alexander James (Alex)

    7. The Lowes.....
    Alden Berkeley
    Ferris Mckenzie
    Quade Phillip

    8. The Hoppers......
    Celestine Faye (Cece)
    Bram Rupert
    Giselle Claire (Ella)

    9. The Dyers....
    Simon Oliver (Si)
    Vincent Marcus (Vince)

    10. The Whitfields.....
    Madeleine Harper (Elle)
    Truman Black (True)
    Shepherd James (Shea)
    Rory Maxfield
    Fiona Margaret (Effie)
    Ian Hugo
    Alice Margot (Lissy)
    Foster Kent (Fox)
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