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Thread: Babysitter

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    Mar 2013

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    The Christners

    Rayna Penelope Christner
    Shea Isabel Christner
    Jacob Riley Christner
    Maya Liberty Christner

    The Joneses

    Austin Jeffrey Jones
    Dahlia Marie Jones

    The Fishers

    Garrett Amadeus Fisher

    The Woodses

    Luc Joseph Woods
    Skyler Paige Woods
    Eric Donal Woods

    The Murphys

    Violet Annabelle Murphy
    Adélie Jeanette Murphy
    Rose Michaela Murphy

    The Dotsons

    Cara Leigh Michelle Dotson *Cara Leigh*
    Trevor James Dotson

    The Lowes

    Brandon Michael Lowe
    Westley Andrew Lowe
    Savannah Jane Lowe

    The Hoppers

    Anastacia Meredith Hopper
    Henry Niles Hopper
    Gemma Clarice Hopper

    The Dyers

    Owen Walker Dyer
    Hazel Kate Dyer

    The Whitfields

    Marta Josephine Whitfield
    Sebastian Michael Whitfield
    Hayden Christopher Whitfield
    John Henry Alexander Whitfield
    Rhea Claire Whitfield
    Phineas Conrad Whitfield
    Althea Joy Whitfield
    Kenneth Andrew Whitfield
    -- Lottie --

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    The Christner's
    Melody Grace & Clarabelle Hope
    Isaiah Gabriel
    Daisy Milena

    The Jones'
    Rupert David
    Cecilia Abigail

    The Fisher's
    Spencer David "Spence"

    The Woods'
    Charles Declan "Charlie"
    Sophia Elizabeth
    Michael Nicholas "Micky"

    The Murphy's
    Isabelle Rose
    Olive Harper
    Ava Michelle

    The Dotson's
    Skylar Hope
    Finley Scott

    The Lowe's
    Michael Jonathan "Mikey"
    Oliver Logan "Olly"
    Joseph Gabriel "Joey"

    The Hooper's
    Madison Claire
    Zachery Taylor "Zach"
    Chloe Emmeline

    The Dyer's
    Peter Nicholas
    Andrew Steven "Andy"

    Sadie Caroline
    Nicholas John
    Henry Ian
    Christian Jacob
    Hazel Rose
    Declan Ryder
    Su Madeleine
    Philip Isaiah

    Cute pictures!
    nineteen & renaming myself soon

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    abbiemarie Guest
    1. The Christner's. You babysit their four kids for them about once a month.
    Mallory Isabelle Christner and Misha Ivy Christner
    Ryker James Christner
    Emmalyn Rosalie Christner

    2. The Jones'. You babysit their two kids every tuesday afternoon.
    Declan Rhys Jones
    Gracie Caitlyn Jones

    3. The Fisher's. You watch their son every now and then when you need extra cash.
    Braxton Michael Fisher

    4. The Woods'. You take their three kids to the park every Wednesday.
    Nathan Michael Wood
    Olivia Brooke Wood
    Jackson Hunter Wood

    5. The Murphy's. Their kids come to the park with you sometimes on Wednesdays.
    Annalise Kaya Wood
    Mckenna Hope Murphy
    Penelope May Murphy

    6. The Dotson's. You sometimes tutor their daughter.
    Reagan Brynn Dotson
    Levi Bryce Dotson

    7. The Lowe's. They carpool with you to the kids' school.
    Connor Micah Lowe
    Colton Jared Lowe
    Claire Aleah Lowe

    8. The Hopper's. You watch their kids some Sunday evenings.
    Morgan Jade Hopper
    Evan Daniel Hopper
    Adelaide Sienna Hopper

    9. The Dyer's. They are friends with your kids, so you end up watching them a lot.
    Mason Andrew Dyer
    Elijah Matthew Dyer

    10. The Whitfield's. They have an awfully large family. You end up halling their kids around quite a bit. (some of the kids are adopted)
    Katherine Nicole Whitfield
    Griffin Colby Whitfield
    Trevor Vincent Whitfield
    Antonio Marcus Whitfield
    Brielle Natasha Whitfield
    Austin Cole Whitfield
    Leah Su Whitfield
    Sawyer David Whitfield

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    Sep 2012
    1. The Christner's. .
    Daphne Gwen & Giselle Aubrey Christner
    Elijah James Christner
    Felicity Ivy Christner

    2. The Jones'
    Patrick Finley Jones
    Erin Mackenzie Jones

    3. The Fisher's
    Carson Warren Fisher

    4. The Woods'
    Leopold Mason Woods
    Madeleine Amelia Woods
    Henry Noah Woods

    5. The Murphy's
    Taylor Adeline Murphy
    Shay Violet Murphy
    Brynn Isabel Murphy

    6. The Dotson's
    Arabella Elise Dotson
    Ethan Anders Dotson

    7. The Lowe's
    Kellan Adam Lowe
    Everett Hayden Lowe
    Mia Caroline Lowe

    8. The Hopper's
    Scarlett Camila Hopper
    Davis Julian Hopper
    Lydia Brooke Hopper

    9. The Dryers
    Logan Alec Dryers
    Morgan Lia Dryers

    10. The Whitfield's
    Emma Rylan Whitfield
    Lucas Trevor Whitfield
    Dylan Sawyer Whitfield
    Max Nathan Whitfield
    Claire Marnie Whitfield
    Asher Blake Whitfield
    Grace Lillia Whitfield
    Keegan Morris Whitfield

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