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    I'm back!

    Add to Carrie sound: Carson
    Brian - (sound) Brandon, Ian, Brianna, Breena, Bryn, Brynna (meaning) Gabriel, Clare, Ken
    Lauren - (sound) Lawrence, Lorelai, Laurel (see Laura for others) (meaning) (same as Laura)
    Louise - (sound) Louisa, Louis, Lewis, Lucy, Lucia, Eloise, Eloisa (meaning) Camilla, Earl, Hera
    Wilbur - (sound) William, Willa, Willow, Wilfred, Quilliam (meaning) (nothing palatable to me)
    Jeannne - (sound) John, Joanna, Joanne, Jean (zhahn for a French boy), Janet, Jane, Jeanette any variation thereof (meaning) (ditto sound)
    Rachel - (sound) Raymond, Ray (meaning) Leah (is the other wife of Jacob in the Bible), Howard
    Bessie - (sound) Elizabeth, Bettina, Elspeth, Elsie (meaning) Aaron, Abraham, Alexander/a, etc. ("pledged by God")
    Bernice - (sound) Eunice, Bertha, Janice, Alice, Bernadette, Bernard (meaning) Alma, Nicholas
    Beatrice - (sound) Beatrix, Bea, Trisha, Patricia, Tressa (meaning) Bronwen, Edith, Edmund, Gwen, Juliana
    Emerson - (sound) Emily, Emmett, Emma, Emer, Emile (meaning) Emery (means "son of Emery")
    Wolfford - (sound) Wolf, Ford, Wolfgang (meaning) ("wolf", anyway) Conor, Conan, Ylva, Ulric
    Talmidge - (sound) Matilda, Midge, Madge, Maud (meaning) Umm...don't know what it meands?
    Tawes - (sound) Dawes, Lewis, Amos, Wade (the last one just uses similiar letters...) (meaning) (ditto)
    Iris - (sound) Daisy, Rose, Lily, Irene, Ireland/Irelyn, Siri, Irving (meaning) Noah, Rainbow
    Justin - (sound) Justine, Justina, Joshua, Timothy (meaning) Yoshi ("Righteous" does not provoke many usable results)
    Hilary - (sound) Millie, Hilda, Hilga, Hilmar, Larry, Lawrence, Millicent (meaning) Blythe, Asher, Allegra, Joy

    Lawrence/Lewis kept coming up a lot. Possibilities? Anyway, hope that helped! (I searched on for meanings)
    Proud author of Kissimmee, Orlando, Mary, Adam, Mississippi, Micah, Georgette, Evelyn, Diane, Millicent, Maybeline, Prudence, Margo, Jade, Matthew, Susan, Maura, Mil, Floss, Connor, David, and so many many more

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    You don't have to use a name of a loved one to pick a meaningful name. Are there any places or things that are important to you or your husband? For example, I know a Caroline whose parents met in Charlotte, NC (Charlotte and Caroline are derived from the same root.) Calla Lilies are my grandmother's favorite flowers and she used them at her wedding, so I might consider Callum, Calla, or Lily to honor her. Even generic names like Nadia (means "hope") may carry important meanings with them because of what they symbolize. Try to think of concepts or ideas that might work- I'm sure you'll find lots!
    Here are some suggestions based on your list. Again, sorry for repeats:
    Laura- see Lauren
    Lynn- Jocelyn
    Harry- Henry, Hank, Hal, Harriet, Hattie
    Carrie- Caroline, Carys
    Brian- Bryony, Briallen
    Lauren- Lorenzo, Laurensa, Lorena, Lola, Lawrence
    Louise- Lula, Alula
    Wilbur- William, Willow
    Jeannne- Jane, Johanna, Sinead, Giovanna, Gianna, Jana
    Bessie- Elizabeth, Isabel, Tess/Tessa, Belle, Elise, Elisa, Lise, Zabel, Sabella
    Emerson- Emily, Emma, Emmett
    Wolfford - Wolf or names that mean it: Lowell, Kennelly, Conall, Conor, Conri, Cuan, Faolan, Conan, Lyall, Remus, Roman, Romy For girls: Guadalupe, Lupe, Romilly, Roma, Romy
    Talmidge- The Hebrew Tal, plus Talia.
    Tawes- I like Tawes on its own actually. But there's also Dawes, Tawson/Taweson, and Tawny.
    Hilary- Ellery, Alair, Ilaria

    Talmidge + Wolfford: Tala, the Algonquin word for "wolf"
    Evelyn: Emerson + Lynn
    Wolfford + Wilbur: Wilford
    Wilbur + Emerson: Wilson
    Tawes + Emerson= Tawson
    Brian + Emerson= Bryson
    Laura/Lauren + Tawes + Emerson = Lawson
    Laura/Lauren + Harry = Lawrence, Laurence, or Larry

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    I'll apologise in advance for repeats if any occur:

    Laura - Aurora, Lola, Lottie, Lori, Lara, Lauren, Lorna, Flora, Eleanora, Norah. Larry, Lars, Lawrence/Laurence, Laurent, Laurel.

    Lynn - Imogen, Quinn, Finn, Gywin, Winnie, Lynette, Linda. Lynnard or Leonard, Leon, Flynn, Finn, Quinn.

    Harry - Harriet, Henrietta, Hattie. Henry, Harold, Harrison, Larry.

    Carrie - Caroline, Carol, Cara, Carolyn, Capri, Caprice.

    Brian - Briony, Bryant, Bryson, Byron, Briaun, Breanna.

    Lauren - Lorenzo, Lola, Wren, Lawrence/Laurence, Laurel, Larry, Laureen, Lorette, Lorna, Lorita, Lorenza

    Louise - Eloise, Eloisa, Lousia, Lois, Lulu, Lucia, Louis, Lewis, Heloisa, Louisetta.

    Wilbur - Wilfred, Winifred, Silbur, William, Willis, Willa, Willow, Wollow

    Jeannne - Jean, Anne, Joan, Annabelle, Joanne, Jeana/Gina, Jenette/Janete, Geanie, Jeanie, Jett, Jeanetta, Ivana (same name but slavic version), John (jean is a french variations of john). Jack, Jackie, Johnson.

    Rachel - Rochelle/Rochele, Shelly/Shellie, Rae, Ray, Raymond, Rakele, Rikele.

    Bessie - Tessa/Tessie, Jessie/Jesse, Elizabeth, Eliza, Beth, Libby, Isabel, Elle, Elsa.

    Bernice - Bernadette, Bernie, Denice, Bernard, Brian, Barry, Colette (meaning), Tori (meaning), Victoria (meaning)

    Beatrice - Trisha, Patrice, Beatrix, Patricia.

    Emerson - Emelia/Amelia, Emeilia, Emily, Emmaline, Emery, Emmet.

    Wolfford - Wolfgang, Ford, Ralph (Wolf meaning)

    Talmidge - Talia, Midge, Didge (Bridget), Madge, Marjory.

    Tawes - Tawny/Tawni, Tate, Maude

    Iris - Irene, Lily, Daisy, Poppy, Rainbow, Ida, Isla, Rose, Flower, Elodie (flower), Flora, Magnolia, Lotus.

    Justin - Justine, Julius, Justice, Julian, Jules.

    Hilary - Henry, Ellery, Millie (Millicent), Felix (same meaning, happy).

    Combined names:
    Lysanne - (variation of Elizabeth, same as Bessie), Lynn & Jeanne.
    Bryson - Brian & Emerson.
    Emmalynn - Emerson & Lynn.

    I'm sure there is more but that's all I've got! haha x

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    You guys are great! Thanks so much for all the suggestions.

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    Soooooo helpful!!

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