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    Those Names that Make You Think "What?"

    So, we've all heard a few in our lives: wether we met people with the names or they were in a book, there have been those names that make you think: What?
    For me, it was an author named California Starr. Her character names are way over the top. For some reason, I can imagine this "The first noun, verb, or adverb that comes to your mind right now is your next characters name. What is it?" "Fallow!"
    But, that name for me is one of her names:
    This poor kid in her book "Careless in November" was named Coffee Cheevey. His sister's name was Dysmay Cheevey.
    So, what are some totally absurd names you can think of? What are your thoughts on them? What are your thoughts on Coffee and Dysmay? Do you like names like that?

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    I personally don't care for those types of names. I had an neighbor that was named Lemon Fresch. She moved away after college and I often wondered if she changed her name.

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