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    Around the World! Name Quiz

    Just a quick little quiz game, using names selected at random from my lists. Hope you all enjoy it!

    Son # 1-

    FN: Which of the following non-traditional locations would be perfect for a honeymoon?

    Scotland- Ellison
    New Zealand- Henry
    Morocco- Murray
    Alaska- Lewis
    Guatemala- Caedmon
    China- Hector
    Haiti- Ransom

    MN: Which of the following types of food do you prefer?

    Chinese- Jules
    Spanish- August
    Italian- Clive
    French- Felix
    Mexican- Grier
    Greek- Colin
    Indian- Byam

    Daughter #1-

    FN: Which American national park would you like to visit?

    Yellowstone- Marilla
    Glacier- Georgia
    Everglades- Della
    Mesa Verde- Antheia
    Grand Canyon- India
    Redwood- Una
    Zion- Cora

    MN: If you could live in any city, which would you choose?

    Geneva, Switzerland- Beatrice
    Lima, Peru- Felicity
    Sendai, Japan- Laurie
    Houston, Texas- Charlotte
    Oban, Scotland- Maeve
    Christchurch, New Zealand- Penelope
    Tel Aviv, Israel- Emilia
    Stuttgart, Germany- Agnes
    Road Town, U.S. Virgin Islands- Irene

    Son #2 (Twin to Son #3)-

    FN: Which world festival or celebration would you most like to be a part of?

    Brazil's Carnival- Spenser
    Songkran, Thailand's Water Festival- Milton
    India's Holi- Oliver
    Germany's Oktoberfest- Edmund
    Pamplona, Spain's San Fermin Festival / Running of the Bulls- Peter
    New Orleans, Louisiana's Mardi Gras- Caspar

    MN: How many languages can you speak?

    1- Errol
    2- Adler
    3- Piers
    4- William
    5 or more- Bradley

    Son #3 (Twin to Son #2)-

    FN: Which language would you most like to be able to speak fluently?

    English- Duncan
    French- Ernest
    Spanish- Lennox
    Italian- Theodore
    Arabic- Angus
    German- Harvey
    Other- Owen

    MN: What country is your favorite?

    China- Miles
    United States- Kyle
    Spain- Bertram
    Italy- Anselm
    France- Drew
    England- Hallam
    Other- Gregor

    Daughter #2-

    FN: Which of the following world landmarks would you like to see before you die?

    Eiffel Tower- Gentry
    Leaning Tower of Pisa- Margaret
    The Giza Pyramid & Great Sphinx- Florence
    Taj Mahal- Martha
    Great Wall of China- Linda
    Stonehenge- Susanna
    Colloseum- Lydia
    Statue of Liberty- Evelyn

    MN: Which of the following beaches do you like best?

    Anguilla, Caribbean- Frances
    Barcelona, Spain- Olivia
    Bora Bora, French Polynesia- Alice
    Fernando de Noronha, Brazil- Jane
    Harbour Island, Bahamas- Opal
    Mykonos Island Beach, Aegean Sea- Alene
    Oahu, Honalulu- Isabel
    Palm Beach, Aruba- Kate
    Tulum Beach, Cancun- Claire

    That's it! Your sweet little family:

    Son #1-
    Daughter #1-
    Sons #2 and #3-
    Daughter #2-
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