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    I prefer Laken (this spelling only) over Landry (this spelling only).
    The other two are too trendy to me.
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    I have to agree w/ maggiemary. Laykin and Landree both strike me as made-up sounding. Not trying to offend, but since you asked for opinions, that's my honest answer.

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    Neither name is my style but I prefer the Laken and Landry spellings.
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    I think Landry (this spelling only) is fine thought there could be laundry issues with it. I personally despise Laken and all spelling variations! If you are trying to be different I would go with Landry. I know at least 10 Laken/Laykin/Laikon/Lakyns I think all the spelling variations make it seem less popular than it really is.

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    They are both at least mildly awful. Landry is masculine and looks a heck of a lot like laundry. Lakyn is just.....very, very ugly. Don't screw with spellings, though, really, it looks illiterate (even if you aren't) and juvenile. Laken and Landry is you must.

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