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Thread: Virtue Names

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    Virtue Names

    My first born has 2 virtue names as her name, Felicity Grace. I didn't realise I'd used 2 virtue names until someone pointed it out, shortly after she was born (we'd picked them because they flowed nicely). Our 2nd daughter will be Melody, and if we have a 3rd, she'd be Verity, (we love the flow of Felicity, Melody and Verity).

    My questions are;

    1) Is Melody a virtue name?
    2) Should all 3 have virtue middle names as a theme?
    3) Are there any other musical virtue names?
    4) Middle name suggestions for Melody and Verity?

    Thank you!
    Mummy to Felicity Grace

    Considering; Violet McKenna|Nicola Verity|Verity Elise| Clara Jasmine|Jasmine Oliviana

    Robert(Bobby) Patrick|Duncan Edward|Mark William|Thomas Henry

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    I don't think Melody is a virtue name - a Melody is musical, a virtue name is something usually connected to puritan christians idea of was is virtuous. Like how being free of sin would mean you are blessed by Gods Grace or seeking a lifetime of blessing and bliss.

    If you'd like a another virtue name than maybe Melody Joy, Melody Faith, Melody Bliss or Melody Blessing?

    Other musical names are Aria, Lyric, Capella, Hymn, Song, Viola, Vesper.

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