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    Television Babies...


    First, if there is a thread about this or similar, please let me know and I will close this one. I searched and didn't see one for it, unless I was using the wrong keywords.

    For some television programs babies are being introduced and I am curious as to what names they will decide on or what you sort of hope they would name the child.

    For those who are not caught up...Possible SPOILER ALERT (For Grey's Anatomy...not sure if others will post about other television shows).

    For now, I am mostly talking about Grey's Anatomy new baby that will be born to Dr. Derek Shepherd and Dr. Meredith Grey Shepherd. They already have an adopted-daughter named, Zola (Unsure if she has a middle name or not).

    Anyway, I was thinking about possible names, but I could be completely wrong since they can be so may be others will want to join me in guessing?

    Here's what I was thinking...
    (Possible Spoiler Alert)

    After the incident with Meredith's sister, Alexandra "Lexie" Caroline and Derek's best friend Mark Everett Sloan, I wondered if they would honor them some home. Even the possibility of using Mere's mother, Ellis and Derek's father, Christopher.Maybe Grey will be a middle name?

    From these names, they could possibly lead to...

    Ellis: Elliott/Eliot, Elijah, Eli
    Christopher: Christian? (but that may be a bit religious for some? or too similar to Christina, and Christine, from Bones.)
    Alexandra: Alexander, but then I remembered Alex Karev. Xander, but feels kinda, well...
    Mark: Marcus, but then I thought it may be too dated.
    Everett: Emmett, Rhett, Everest,
    Sloan: Middle name. Also, both of Mark's daughters, has Sloan as part of their name.
    Grey: Greyson, if not a middle name.

    Other names:
    Wyatt (too Charmed?)
    Boone? (Boone Grey Shepherd, sounds kind of cool.)

    Now that I am typing them for others to see, these names seem kinda lame for the show.
    Your suggestions, please.
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    I'm so excited for the MerDer baby!

    I don't know about them honouring Lexie and Mark, because Jackson just renamed the hospital after them and I'm not sure the producers would go for something so repetitive... I can definitely see Grey as a middle name, unless they double-barrell {I'm pretty sure Zola is Zola Shepherd-Grey or Grey-Shepherd}.

    To be honest, though, it wouldn't surprise me if they went for something completely random haha.

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    I also don't know about honoring because the hospital was renamed after Lexi and Mark. I like the idea of Elliot after Meredith's mother, Ellis. Elliot Grey Shepard is quite dashing. I do think they'll do something different. Felix was the first name that popped in my head for them.

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    Oh goodness, I forgot about the renaming of the hospital that quick. You guys are right, but at the same thing I was thinking more of something from their first name. Isn't the hospital focusing on their last name? But you two did bring up a good point.

    I like Felix, I think it could work.

    Zola's full name is, Zola Grey Shepherd. So Grey could be her middle name or a joint of double-barrel middle name. Maybe some other watcher will know for sure. Either way, Grey, might also be counted out.

    They went a little popular with Sofia and a little under the radar with Tucker. So from those names, I am really clueless of where they might go with the name.

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    Heh, I'm not the only one curious about what they'll pick!

    My first thought, too, was after Mark and Lexie: Mark Alexander. But then I remembered Alex, so I'm not so sure they would go with Alexander. Christopher would be a good choice, for Derek's dad and Meredith's BFF Cristina. I don't think Meredith would name the baby after her mother, though. She and Ellis didn't have the best relationship.
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