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    Analeigh has been ruined for me because its to close to Ashleigh, who was this horrible girl I went to high school with.

    Same with Emily and Emma as its too close to Emily.

    Jackson was ruined by 2 guys I've met with that name who were just annoying.

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    Fortunately, I wasn't head over heels in love with any of these names, but:

    -Richard is the only name I will completely, unequivocally, 100% veto, every single time. If I saddled a kid with that name, I'd be inflicting baggage on him for the rest of my life.
    -Marc is a hair's breadth below Richard on the "no way" list, which sucks, because I actually do like Marc. But, again, baggage.
    -I've had two Marjories make my life miserable, one as a kid and one as an adult. One went by Margie.
    -I'm conflicted on Joanne/Joanna, because I know a Joanne that I adore and a Joanna that I despise - but they're so close together...ugh.
    -Recently become a non-fan of Brooke, which I like on its own merit but now find unusable.
    -I have conflicting feelings about Dawn; I adore it as a name but had a really bad experience with a Dawn as a teenager.
    -I've very reluctantly had to do away with Kassi out of respect for a friend. I still think it's adorable; I just can't use it.

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    Theo is such a cute name but there's no way I could actually name an irl child it. It's to similar too Tio, which means uncle in Spanish, and that's what I call my annoying Uncle. So essentially I'd be naming my child after my annoying uncle, which is a big no-no.
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    Alessandra - I loved it for years but now it's tied to a VS model who I can't stand! Such a shame, but I will still use Alessandra for my book character.
    And Liam - one of my favorite boy names, I picture a very cute boy and man with that name but the next generation will associate it with the guy from One Direction. Plus it's too popular for me to use

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