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    1. Agatha I love Agatha Christie. Not sure what I think of think it. It's clunky and old-fashioned but neither of those things are necessarily bad. I would use something modern and spunky as middle name to make it seem more now and give my daughter options. Agatha Claire Agatha Quinn etc.
    2. Alice This one is nice. Not a personal favorite but one I would like seeing anyone use. Lots of great associations. I would use something classic in the middle like the ones you have picked. Alice Elizabeth, Alice Charlotte, Alice Blythe (I wouldn't use Alice Beatrix but not sure why. Maybe because both names seem older names recently brought back into fashion. The one downside to Alice is may get popular especially to honor Alisons and Allisons.)
    3. Audrey Audrey makes me think Audrey Hepburn. Its nice. Its very now to me as there was longtime where this was not used as much (say the 80's and 90's). Audrey Elizabeth, Audrey Blythe, Audrey Clara, Audrey Marie, Audrey Olivia, I wouldn't use a middle name that has too many hard sounds with Audrey.
    4. Cecilia I like this one. Being Catholic I think of the saint. Its cool and classic among Catholic girls. Cecilia Octavia, Cecilia Ruth, Cecilia June, Cecilia Charlotte (called CC for short: how cute!) Cecilia Blythe, Cecilia Rosalie
    5. Clara I love this one. It makes me think of the Nutcracker. Clara Blythe, Clara June, Clara Juliet, Clara Louise, Clara Mercy, Clara Faith
    6. Daphne I love this one too. It reminds of Phoebe and Chloe as having a unique sound. Daphne Elizabeth, Daphne Beatrix, Daphne Genevieve, Daphne Faith, Daphne Amelia, Daphne Caroline, Daphne Julia, Daphne Marina, Daphne Rose
    7. Eloise hmmm.... there's a fictious sibset containing Daphne and Eloise. Eloise is a great name. Eloise Beatrix, Eloise Bridget, Eloise Temperance, Eloise Diana, Eloise Patience, Eloise Jane. I think a hard constant would be best following Eloise.
    8. Harriet I like this one. With Hattie a celebrity name it's probably going to comeback, but not be super popular yet. I like Harry as a nickname but most people wouldn't. Harriet Ruth, Harriet Jane, Harriet Beatrix, Harriet Cecilia, Harriet Alexandra, Harriet Hermione.
    9. Hazel Well it's my least favorite so far, but that's just me. It's fine. Hazel Charlotte, Hazel Beatrix, Hazel Ramona, Hazel Sophia, Hazel Georgiana, Hazel Genevieve, Hazel Hermione, Hazel Clara.
    10. Helena This is nice. Pronounciation with this name will influence how people see it. I say Helen-a as a reflex. Be prepared for people to pronounce it different ways. Helena Charlotte or Helena Clara.
    11. Iris Another one of my favorites. Iris Charlotte, Iris Beatrix, Iris Cordelia, Iris Caroline, Iris Deirdre, Iris Daria, Iris Fiona. I would avoid more s sounds in the middle name and pick one that starts with a consonant.
    12. Josephine Another love. I would actually use Josephine March, but that's me. Josephine Blythe, Josephine Iris, Josephine Esme, Josephine Margot, Josephine Sibyl. I would use a shorter middle name with this one.
    13. Loretta Not my favorite. Its seems dated and not quite ready for a come back.
    14. Lucille I love Lucy! Lucille is great. Lucille Beatrix, Lucille Caroline, Lucille Fiona, Lucille Serena, Lucille Georgia.
    15. Mabel It's ok, not my favorite. Mabel Rose, Mabel Fiona, Mabel Lorelei. I wouldn't use something else too old sounding with Mabel.
    16. Mae I like this one and I prefer this spelling. I think it's an accepted alternative and not made up. Mae Juliana, Mae Vivien, Mae Beatrix, Mae Elizabeth, Mae Charlotte, Mae Cordelia, Mae Lucille. I definitely would go long and princessy with the middle name.
    17. Margaret It's a family name. The women in my family go by the full name, no nickname. Margaret Blythe, Margaret Amy, Margaret June, Margaret Sophie, Margaret Daphne, Margaret Clara.
    18. Saffron Really?? Compared to your other names this one came out of left field. I wouldn't use it. I also wonder what it would be like to be Saffron and have sisters Clara, Margaret, and Loretta. Unless you can think of some more names to go with it, I say skip it.
    19. Susannah This one has really grown on me. I didn't like it as a child, but now I love it. I don't think I would really use, but I like it. Susannah Blythe is beautiful. Susannah Saffron, Susannah Alice, Susannah Clara, etc.
    20. Violet Also very cute. Violet Elizabeth, Violet Blythe, Violet Susannah, Violet Josephine, Violet Loretta, Violet Julianne.

    Ok so I think your list is solid. You have a lot of great choices. A few more to think about.
    Fenella It's a Scottish name, and definitely out there but it would make a great choice.
    Hyacinth Pretty and a flower name like your last two. Hyacinth is another sister of Eloise and Daphne. They have a final sister named Francesca.
    and Millicent all seem your style.
    Good Luck!
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    1. Agatha. It's ok but not my style
    2. Alice. Really like this one, it's on my list too!
    3. Audrey. Love, always makes me think of Audrey Hepburn.
    4. Cecilia. Really like
    5. Clara. I prefer Claire, and I also have a bad association with this name, I do wish I liked it more though.
    6. Daphne. Really like, feminine yet strong.
    7. Eloise. LOVE
    8. Harriet NMS, it seems very clunky and old-ladyish to me.
    9. Hazel. It's ok, I'm kind of indifferent on this one.
    10. Helena. Very pretty
    11. Iris. Like
    12. Josephine. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
    13. Loretta. NMS, really don't like it.
    14. Lucille. It's ok, I prefer Lucy.
    15. Mabel. Don't like. Though I do like Amabel
    16. Mae. Pretty, very old Hollywood glamour to me, a la Mae West.
    17. Margaret. Very nice, though I personally prefer Marguerite.
    18. Saffron. Don't like, it's sounds sort of made up to me.
    19. Susannah. Really love! And your combo of Susannah Blythe is just stunning!
    20. Violet. Pretty.
    I also really love Edith out of the others that you mentioned.
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    Thanks guys

    I know Saffron is really out of left field! I've come across the name in a magazine article recently and really liked it. I can't explain why! Thanks for your combo ideas, emilyva. Amelieamour - I love the combos in your signature!
    ~ Violet Elizabeth Rose ~


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    Lovely, old-fashioned names. Susannah Blythe is gorgeous, sounds like she'd be a very cheerful person.

    My favourites are
    Clara, Eloise, Harriet, Margaret and Saffron.

    With middles I'd consider (I've chucked in a couple of my own as well) –
    Harriet Beatrix
    Eloise Beatrix
    Eloise Mae
    Clara Mae
    Margaret Ellen
    Margaret Nora
    Margaret Louisa
    Saffron Freya

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    I like Alice, Clara, and Eloise the best. Clarissa nn Clara is actually in my top 10 right now. I dont really like Lucille, but I like Lucy. K
    I also like Violet and I think I would like Helena with nn Lena? A lot of these names seems a bit old fashioned to me.

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