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    I do think Felix, Maxwell, and Theodore are increasing lately in popularity...
    Excludes my top 7 girls and top 7 boys names.

    My girls reserve list - Lorena - Phina (josephina) - Rosalind - Luna - Kitty (katherine) - Lucia - Ada (adelaide) - Leona - Nadia - Irina - Nicola - Iris - Petra
    My boys RL - Dominic - Charles (not charlie)- Caspar - Tristan - Rowan

    Note: Lorena- 'lor-ayna', Lucia- 'loo-see-a', Irina- 'eye-ree-na'. Official names in brackets and they are just that 'official'.
    (probably ruled out: Freddie(frederick), Archie(archibald), Jamie(james), Owen.)

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    My favourite names from the annotated list that go with Helena Beatrix are...

    Potential combinations...
    Edward Robert & James Evan & Helena Beatrix
    Clark Huxley & Felix Constant & Helena Beatrix

    From the names that your all unsure about I like...
    Theodore & Ezra.

    No point considering the names you can't use ; )

    If I was you I'd use Theodore & Edward I just think they sound so wholesome and handsome together. I like Theo and Ned as nicknames together. I think Theodore, Edward and Helena just flow effortlessly together. Theodore Robert and Edward Constant sound great together especially with Helena Beatrix they just have such a timely vintage feel.

    Leonard Robert & Thomas Evan & Helena Beatrix
    Elias Huxley & Jeremy Constant & Helena Beatrix
    Daniel Robert & Cormac Huxley & Helena Beatrix
    Zachariah Evan & Caleb Robert & Helena Beatrix

    Hopefully those will help but my favourite combination is Theodore Robert & Edward Constant.

    Hope this helped x

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