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    Full names for Maddie, Hallie, and Callie

    As mentioned in the title, I would really appreciate some full names for my favourite nicknames:

    Maddie-Other than Madison or Madeleine/Madeline. I actually really like the latter but feel like it is becoming too popular.

    Hallie-I know it is often used as a full name, but it seems a bit to nickname-y to me.

    Callie- The only one I can think of right now is Calista.

    Thank You!
    ~Izzy, looking for a new nickname
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    Maddie - I feel like Matilda could be a stretch (probably Mattie would work better, but still).
    Hallie - Tough.. Maybe an H-name with Elle/Ellie/Lee name in the middle
    Callie - Callaway came to my mind instantly, and Calia which I don't think is a name... sorry I'm such poor help.

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    Maddie- Matilda, Madelena, Madilia, Magdala, Madina, Madara, Madigan, Madonna

    Hallie-Harriet, Halimeda, Haralda, Helena

    Callie- Calista,Calina, Caileen,Caitlyn,Cailin, Calixta,Calandra,Caleda,Calliope,Callison, Calypso, Calliah, (ka-lee-ah)
    Callina,Calisra, Callirhoe, Callisthene, Calidora, Callianne
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    For Hallie I found: Halfrieda, Hala, Halila, Halima, Halina, Nathalia, Thalassa, Thalia and Zahala.

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    ★ Iris ★ Lilah ★ Merit ★ Sylvia ★

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