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    Quote Originally Posted by aurra View Post
    What about a diminutive/variant of Elizabeth, such as Elsa, Elspeth, Elise, Eliza, Beth, Libby or Libba?
    I agree with this. I would look at a little Elizabeth Taylor and think "hmmm, that was an interesting choice. I wonder if they are big fans?" but I wouldn't think twice about a Libby Taylor or Betsy Taylor.

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    Thanks everyone. I think we'll leave it for middle spot if we use it at all. Our shortlist is currently Emma Louise, Georgia Elizabeth and Abigail Hannah/Elizabeth.

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    I think Abigail Elizabeth is stunning.

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    I wouldn't use it.

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    I don't think its cruel. Elizabeth Taylor was a glamorous, beautiful performer. The height of her popularity is obviously in the past as she is no longer living. Considering children her age would not likely be too aware of who the deceased actress was, I think if you love the name, you should feel comfortable using it. Your little Elizabeth would be her own person and would have no ties to the actress.

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