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Thread: Araceli?

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    Expecting our first child in July, and right now, I think our favorites are Hailey, Mackenzie, Arielle, and Araceli... I love the name Araceli, but it's a Spanish name, and my husband and I are not Hispanic... Our names are Mike and Jess, and I feel like Araceli doesn't sound quite right with ours. What are your thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

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    I do think it sounds slightly off. If you truly love the name, go for it, but out of your list I think Arielle is the best.
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    The only Aracelis i've ever encountered have been Hispanic. So yeah, a little off if you're not of the Latin persuasion. But hey, if you really love it go for it. Latinos give their kids "white" names all the time! Living proof!
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    Araceli sounds like a type of pasta to me.

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    I like Araceli and think it's pretty, however I am hispanic and probably wouldn't use it.

    I think Hailey or Arielle are pretty. But if you really like Araceli, I'd go with Hailey Araceli. Middle names can be ANYTHING you want!!

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