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Thread: name quiz

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    name quiz

    daughter 1#:

    first name:
    if it is between 1 am and 5 am: Madelyn
    if its between 5:01 am and 10 am: Sophia
    if its between 10:01 am and 3 pm: Aria
    if its betwwen 3:01 pm and 8 pm: Leah
    if its between 8:01 pm and 12:59 midnight: Peyton

    middle name:
    if your bithday is in January , Febuary , March: Grace
    if your birthday is in April , May , June: Kate
    if your birthday is in July , August , September: Adelaide
    if y.our birthday is in October , November , December: Rose

    Son 1#:

    first name:
    if your are an only child: Dylan
    if you have 1 - 2 siblings: Logan
    if you have 3 - 4 siblings: Lucas
    if you have 5 - 6 siblings: Deacon
    if you have 7 or more siblings: Flynn

    middle name:
    if you have no children: Riley
    if you have 1 - 2 children: Sebastian
    if you have 3 - 4 children: Alexander
    if you have 5 or more children: Daniel

    Daughter 2#:

    first name:
    if your name starts with A - F: Avery
    if your name starts with G - L: Madison
    if your name starts with M - R: Nora
    if your name starts with S - Z: Erin

    middle name:
    if you are younger than 20: Danielle
    if you are 21 - 30: Jordan
    if you are 31 - 40: Jane
    if you are older than 41: Chloe

    Son 2#:

    first name:
    if you live in Asia: Joshua
    if you live North America: Liam
    if you live in South America: Felix
    if you live in Europe: Mason
    if you live in Australia: Soren
    other: Levi

    middle name:
    if you have Brown hair: David
    if you have blonde hair: James
    if you have ginger hair: Tobias
    if you have no hair: Thaddeus
    if you have any other colour: Henry
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