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Thread: Tess?

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    I love Tess, love Tessa, first or middle for both. I also knew a feisty little old lady who was known as Dessie, but came to find out her full name was Odessa, and that she had gone by Dess, Dessa, and Dessie at different stages of her life. Not just the same I know, but I love that too, since the nn's have some similarities. Some nicknames change and evolve over time, and some you don't get to choose. I would absolutely love to meet a baby Tess or baby Tessa!

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    I love that name!
    My very good friend has a sister named Tessa. Her name is Reagan.
    I think it would be paired with names like Paige, Claire, Erica, Gavin, Adam, Hunter.
    Love it

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    I'm considering Tess! I love it a lot, both Tess and Tessa. Please use it!

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