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Thread: Tess?

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    My first daughters name is Tess.
    I still LOVE Tess!
    nn is Tessie. some call her Tessa and she always corrects them.
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    I really like Tessa, it's a nice balance of soft and hard. I do like Tess but I just like Tessa a tad more.

    I think of Tess of the D'Urbervilles and someone I know by that name.

    I really like the idea of Esther nn Tess.
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    I prefer Tessa over Tess. The one Tess I know has a half brother named Nathan.
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    I love Tess. Love it. I'm in the midst of renovating my list, and really want it to be there, but I'm struggling with full name vs. nickname and such. I love Tess on its own, and it seems fine on its own--but on my list, I don't think it really does. If that makes sense, haha. My list is full of longer, more-feminine-and-sweet-than-spunky semi-princessy names. Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, Charlotte, Violet, Liliana, Hannah, Rachel, Catherine, Eleni... and Tess. While I think Tess fits fine with the nns on my list (Bella, Ari, Liv, Lola, Lily, Annie, Kitty, Leni), but with the full names, Tess falls a little short and I'm afraid she'd feel left out. My siblings all got nns and I didn't, and I still wish I had one. I don't want to go matchy/themey beyond belief, but I don't want poor Tess to feel left out! I like Tessa, but don't love it (the "A" frankly seems superfluous to me). I think Theresa is elegant, but I know there would be family problems with it (my great-great aunt was a Theresa, but apparently the "H" was pronounced, and if I used it, I'd use the proper prn, not the family one, because I just wouldn't want to live with that headache--plus, I feel weird using a family name when I had absolutely no connection to the person--I'm pretty passionate about honoring, but I want to honor people I know, people who meant something to me, not just any person who came before...), and I can't get past the idea of Theresa/Teresa being a middle-aged/old lady. It's beautiful, it's a classic, in a way... I don't know. Maybe just Tess would work better for you than for me. Because obviously, I'm having problems. haha.
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    Glad to see the love Tess and Tessa get on here! One question that has raised sense seeing the replies . . . is a Tess destined to be a Tessie? I'm a Jessica and to this day I cringe when I hear Jessie (for various reasons). Nothing against the adorable Tessies in the world, but is it unavoidable?

    I never thought of having Tess/Tessa be a nickname for Theresa or Esther, but it's definitely a good idea. Solves all the problems of Tess/a sounding a little nickname-y next to longer more "complete" names. I'm not sure if I could do it though . . .

    Ashthedreamer, I feel like Tess doesn't fit well with my favorites either! You definitely have it harder with your long, elegant (and gorgeous) names, but I feel like she's hard to place with a lot of sibsets! However the idea of a little Heather and Tessa makes me smile.

    nanaioo, I'm swooning over Tessa Paige! That's pretty much a perfect name!

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