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Thread: Tess?

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    Lately I've been really liking Tess/Tessa, but can't seem to incorporate her into my favorites.

    What kind of sibling names do you see a Tess having? What middles would a Tess have or would you put Tess in the middle with a different first name? Do you prefer Tess or Tessa?

    Basically let's talk about Tess!

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    I prefer Tessa. i know a family withbthree girls: Theresa (Tessa), Elizabeth (Beth) and Caroline (carrie). They stuck to classic names, but i think Tess/a could work with a lot of sibling names depending on your tastes.

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    I think Tessa is beautiful. I've been thinking of adding it to my own list as well. As far as combos I like these

    Tessa Juniper
    Tessa Emily
    Tessa Madeleine
    Tessa Julienne
    Tessa Caroline
    Tessa Adeline

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    I've also liked Tessa for a while. I knew a Tess in school and she was often called Tessie which was super cute.

    Tess looks a little incomplete next to Tessa, but I prefer the sound of Tess. I'd probably go with Tessa and shorten it if you wanted to.

    From your list in your siggy, Tessa Page is cute cute!
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    I LOVE TESSA. It's been on my favorite's list for a couple of years now. I just think it's adorable. In my mind, there's a little girl with curly brown hair and she's just so sweet. Goodness gracious. I think it's adorable. I don't think my boyfriend likes it very much, but I'm determined to convince him. I've been wanting a daughter named Tessa for entire life. GOSH. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH.
    On my list, it's Tessa Diane. That's my mom's middle name, so. My Tessa would probably end up having brothers named Seth, Drew, or Gavin and sisters named Maya, Ivy/Irene, or Erica.
    Just Tessa Tessa Tessa Tessa. Yes.
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