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    Wink Full names to go with nicknames

    I tend to like long-ish names with cute nicknames, but lately there have been nicknames I like that don't directly come from another name. Here's my list of nicknames I want longer names to go with. Example: Elise --> Elisabeth.

    Anne or Ann
    Raine (maybe Lorraine?? Opinions on this one?)

    All suggestions help! Thanks!!

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    sapphires Guest
    Elise doesn't sound like a nickname to me at all.. I have a really good friend named Elise, I think it's fine on it's own.

    Annie/Ann/Ann -- Annora, Annabel, Aniyah, Anouk, Anoushka, Anna, Annabella
    Kinzie -- I can't think of any for this.
    Ellie -- Eleanor, Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Elena, Elora, Eliora, Eliana, Ella, Elissa
    Molly -- Pomeline, Mary, Margaret, Matilda, Milana
    Abbie -- Abigail, Abilene
    Raine -- Lorraine would work, but I think Raine is fine on it's own. Reina?
    Lainie -- Delaney, Alana, Elena

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    Ellie could also be Elisabeth/Elizabeth. Abbie from Abilene? I think you could get Raine or Lainie from Lorraine. Annabeth, Annabel, Anneliese for Anne or Annie...hmmm...
    *gina danielle*

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    Elise - Anneliese
    Annie - Annabel
    Kinzie - Anika Zara
    Ellie - Noelle
    Molly - I like it on it's own, I can't really think of many good longer names--name Mallory or Paloma or Romilly--but those are all a bit trendy and not as lovely and classic. Or you could just do Mary which is what Molly was originally a nn for.
    Abbie - I like Abigail, but there's also Abilene, Anabel, Gabrielle, Isabelle, Sabine--really anything with AB in it.
    Raine - Lorena, maybe Rachel Nova or something like that
    Lainie - again Lorraine would work, also Magdalena, Liliana, Lavinia, Delaney, Melanie
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    Elise - Elisabeth or Eliska? Although I agree this can definitely work on its own.
    Anne/Ann/Annie - All An- names that have already been suggested, plus Anastasia, Annamaria, Marianne, Susannah, Roxanne, Isannah etc
    Kinzie - hmm.. Keziah maybe?
    Ellie - Works for just about any El- name. I don't think Elowen, Elspeth or Elettra have been mentioned yet. Also any -ella/-elle/-bella/-belle name. Demelza nn Ellie is fun, too.
    Mollie - Romilly or Romola
    Abbie - Arabella/Arabel, Sabrina/Sabina, Isabel/Isabella/Annabel/Annabella/Gabrielle/Gabriela, Tabitha
    Raine - Lorraine would work for both Raine and Lainie, although I prefer Lorena. Valeraine maybe?
    Lainie - Lorraine, Alienor, Avelaine, Madeleine, Violaine, Elaine, Madgalena.
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