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    Middle names for Alexandra?

    Alexandra is our first-choice name for a daughter, but we are stuck on middle names! I typically like British, Greek, or Italian-style elegant names, but I want something that flows well with the longer Alexandra as well. Thoughts? Our surname is one syllable and begins with V.

    Names I have been tossing around:

    Alexandra Mae V_____
    Alexandra Cora V_____
    Alexandra Gwen V_____
    Alexandra Stella V_____
    Alexandra Phoebe V_____

    Only middle we can't use is Jane, as his sister already used that name.


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    I don't like Cora or Stella with Alexandra because they all have the same -a sound at the end. I like Alexandra Grace, Alexandra Elisabeth, Alexandra Elise, or Alexandra Vivienne.

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    My favorite from your list is Alexandra Mae with Alexandra Phoebe second. I don't think the -a endings work to well and although I like Gwen, it is somewhat hard to say with with Alexandra as the fn.

    Some other possibilities:

    Alexandra Claire
    Alexandra Helen
    Alexandra Muir
    Alexandra Sybil
    Alexandra Thais

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