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    Baby Boy #3! Out of Ideas!!!

    Help!We are expecting our third boy and need some inspiration/ideas/opinions! Big brothers are Griffin and Corbin. I am not necessarily looking to continue the -in ending, as it was not really intentional with the first two. Looking for something distinct, strong and modern, but hopefully not (too) trendy that goes well with his big brothers.

    Also, both our boys names have animal meanings -again, a coincidence- I think this would be a cute and subtle way to tie in all 3 names, but it is not an absolute requirement.

    Here are a few names that at least one of us likes, but but neither of us love (some are way more trendy/popular than we would actually use)...

    -Lincoln (it's been on our list since baby #1, but seems to lack something-also concerned about it just being used on a celebrity baby girl)
    -Jacoby (eh...)
    -Colton (too close to Corbin)
    -Weston (trendy?)
    -Silas (not sure if this "fits" with our first two; trendy?)
    -Jasper (not sure if this "fits" with our first two)
    -Ashton/Asher (trendy?)
    -Ladon (lay-den/don... hubby suggested, I really liked this until I realized it will be grouped w/ rest of the -aidens)
    -Ford (hubby suggested, don't love the car association)

    Others that are too popular/trendy: Jackson, Brody, Caleb, Noah, Mason


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    Thanks for your response. I like Wesley, Miles, Leo, and Wyatt although I worry about their popularity. Also like Audin and Caspian. Nothing is really standing out to me this time though and it's so frustrating!!

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    What about Barrett? It has a similar feel to Wyatt, but is definitely more distinct. It means bear strength, so you would have your animal connection. And I think that it flows quite nicely with your other two names

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