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    Royal names for girls?

    I'm looking to compose a list of 'royal' names for girls and boys (I will also post in boys thread) I'm looking further afield than just Britain and for slightly quirkier options:
    I Love
    Clementina/Clementine and
    Does anyone know if Isadora, Theodora or Aurora (aside from Disney princess association can be tied to royalty anywhere?

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    Theodora was Byzantine empress. Google her. I prefer Dorothea, I think this is name common among German princesses.

    I love Margarethe. I think this name is common amogn danish princesses, but I am not sure.
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    Aurora (I couldn't find any ties to royalty. Aurora is the Roman God of dawn.)
    Theodora (Multiple Byzantine Empresses & empresses of Trebizond)
    Theodosia (Queen consort to Leo V)

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    Isadora is the middle name of one of the youngest members of the Norwegian royal family. She's not a princess, but one of the King Harald and Queen Sonja's grand daughters. Her full name is Leah Isadora, her sisters are Maud Angelica and Emma Tallulah. The Norwegian Crown Prince's daughter s called Ingrid Alexandra.
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