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    Namenerds: What "trendy" name do you like? What are your "guilty pleasures"?

    What "trendy" names do you, personally, like? I really like Baylor but everyone files it into "trendy" and I was wondering what names do you love even though they break from your usual style? I am a fan of the dreaded smoosh, too, at times. I love Marybeth, Bethanne... I also have a couple guilty pleasure names that end in 'lyn' like Iolyn and Irelyn. I love the obscure nature name Chrysanthemum (so romantic!) but I don't think I'll ever actually meet one. What are your guilty pleasures? Would you ever actually use a trendy or guilty pleasure name on a baby IRL or should they stay secret?

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    I think my definition of "trendy" is very different than other berries. A lot of them put "trendy" on a name just because it's popular. I think a name can be popular without being trendy and a name can be trendy without actually being super popular.

    That being said - No, under my definition, I would never use a trendy name, not in a million years.

    The one that I love that might fall under that umbrella is Piper - but it brings to mind Piper Laurie back in her old Hollywood days - so beautiful and classy. I don't think I would ever use it, though.

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    I like Elodie and Hadley, they feel pretty trendy. Lexie and Lois are cute as little buttons. And I'm guilty of finding Madison rather sweet as well... I wouldn't use any of these though, they don't fit my style. But I like them.
    My nature name loves are Meadowsweet and Datura. And Honeysuckle...
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    Guilty Pleasure Name: Kensington. I love this for a little girl but EVERYONE online hates it. I am forced to not use a name that is my #1.
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    I love Kylie, Lexington and McKinley, though everyone might find that trendy.
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