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    I agree with the advice to not discuss names with them - they sound completely negative and it will only hurt you and put even more strain on your relationship with his family.

    Nothing wrong with your names either - totally a choice you and your fiance have to make. It has nothing to do with your future mother in law, she had a chance to name a baby when she had her own.
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    Finnegan- Don't like, but I've seen weirder
    Bryce- I've known many people named Bryce so its not weird at all
    Landon- perfectly fine. don't let them dictate what's to American and what's not. The child is going to be born in america, and is American.
    Liam- its not weird, but to pop culture for my taste
    Adam- LOVE! Its fine!!!
    Conor- see Adam
    Henry- LOVE!!! Its a classic
    Andrew- nice!! U can call him what u want, he is your child.
    Declan- LOVE!!!!
    Anthony- LOVE!!!!!
    Chase- its alright

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    Most of these are fine, though yes, Chase, Landon and Bryce sound very American to me. I can't believe they'd say 'don't use Anthony or Declan' because of Ant and Dec. There are hundreds of boys out there with those names and it's not even like Ant and Dec would be terrible namesakes. They're well liked and particularly wholesome for tv presenters which is why they're still so popular.

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    I don't think any of these are too weird.

    I actually like Finnegan, Adam, Liam, Henry and Anthony.

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    I agree that Landon, Chase and Bryce do sound American to me, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing as it means they won't be as common in the UK. And if you're in the US, they'll fit in fine. I don't think of any of the other associations at all, it sounds like they're just being picky. I'd stop talking about names with them immediately, regardless of what they think of the names they'll love little Liam/Declan/Bryce/etc when he comes along. And they're definitely not too weird at all.

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