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    Just short of 24 hours(by 11 minutes) from the point of induction. About 2 hours of pushing.
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    I was at my midwifes at 1pm, came home being told that I was about 1cm dilated and to not expect labor for a few days. By 4pm I was back in the hospital at 8cm! I progressed very quickly, but I sat at 8cm for quite a long time and almost had to have an emergency c-section. I FINALLY got past 8 and when I did, it was only a few minutes from 8 to fully dilated and I pushed for 45 minutes.

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    My only, so far, was an emergency induction because of pre-eclampsia. The doctor administered the induction meds at 11am, broke my water at 4pm, began Pitocin around 6pm, and she was born three hours later, after three pushes and no pain meds!

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    I was induced and it took roughly 24 hours from start to finish, but I had a relatively short early and active labor and relatively long transition and pushing stages. I wasn't really aware of times, but I think they gave me the cytotec around 3pm, I was having too many contractions to repeat it so they started the pitocin around 8pm. That was the only time I really checked the clock because they wanted me to try to sleep then and gave me a benadryl, but within an hour the contractions were too strong to sleep through. I still don't get the rationale between trying to make me sleep at the same time as starting the pit. I lost all track of time after that, but he was born at 3:08 and from what I'm told I had been pushing 6+ hours. I believe the labor was short overall for an induction, but I was 42 and 1 when I was induced so I may have been on the verge of going into labor anyway and the pushing was long because baby was trying to come out on his forehead and was OP so it was slow progress until he was in a better position.

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    I requested induction at 41 weeks (data shows a steady climb in in utero deaths in the 41st week, and a very steep climb from 42 weeks onwards). I didn't have a twinge of labor symptoms and was admitted at 0cm, high & closed. I was admitted and the process kicked off at 1 PM 2/28. first requested a foley bulb, then cytotec, then pit.... Nothing seemed to work. Finally on the second day things got going. Over 10 hours I made it to 8 cm (very slow), AROM'd, went quickly through transition (15min), had the epidural placed, and was complete and ready to push by 11 PM 2/29.

    I had a four hour second stage with very good initial progress and then a complete stall. With each push the baby's head would partially emerge, then bounce back like a yo-yo. I had an internal limit of four hours for pushing as again the data shows negative fetal outcomes increase dramatically after that point. I requested vacuum extraction. Of the second try, after two minutes, his head and neck emerged-- it was obvious he had an extremely short cord that was wrapped twice around his neck, tethering him perfectly in the womb-- he truly was a yo-yo. The only way I could have delivered him vaginally would have been for the placenta to detach, thus depriving him of oxygen and causing me to hemorrhage. His cord was actually clamped and cut with only his head and neck delivered to permit delivery of the rest of his body. He was stunned and needed to be briefly resuscitated (not intubated, just CPAP) but did well. He never manifested any distress on his heart rate strip either.

    I am very thankful that I was able to direct my own labor to such an extent and tried to do everything in as data-driven a fashion as possible. I am especially thankful that I adhered to my four hour limit (when the time came I knew the chance of c-section just shot up, which I of course did not want going into things). If I had pushed longer I might well have provoked a placental abruption and had a flying-down-the-hall to the OR emergency csection and a sick, disabled, or even dead baby. You only get to do these things once, you know?

    Funnily enough when I was admitted on the 28th I was hoping I could hold on long enough to Have him on Leap Day, since I thought that would be rad. He was born a bit before four AM on 3/1/12.
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