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    Ovarian cysts/PCOS? Any experience?

    Sorry for the (lengthy) rant, I just need to get this out.

    I've always had irregular periods, they used to be much worse. They have sort of settled down now that I'm a little older and I can usually figure out (within a certain time window) when I will get my period. Most of the time.

    Right now, I'm on day 59 of my cycle (first day of last period was Feb. 2nd) with none of the telltale signs that AF is coming. Usually I get really moody a couple of days before, spot the day before, then AF. Nothin'. I've had some weird symptoms, so I took a hpt on Tuesday just to rule that out, and it was negative on day 53. Since I don't know exactly when my period should have come I don't know how late I was at that point, but I'm going to assume it would have been late enough to show up, since the last time I "did the deed" with anyone was almost 4 weeks before that. Everybody has that one friend who didn't get a bfp until they were X months/weeks pregnant or whatever, but I'm assuming that's crazy rare and I would have gotten a bfp by now if I was.

    But I'm still having these weird symptoms, and I don't know if they're because of a cyst or what. I have had cysts on my ovaries in the past, but they never caused any symptoms other than a missed period and online sources listing "symptoms" tend to contradict each other. I had one GYN suggest that I might possibly have PCOS, but she wasn't able to confirm it because my insurance ran out and I am not a "textbook" case (I'm very slender, don't have acne/skin problems, no insulin resistance, no excess androgens, et c). So I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced symptoms like this with a cyst that might ease my mind.

    The biggest thing is, I feel bloated all the time. Like I said, I'm slender (5'8" and roughly 105 lbs., no eating disorders - I come from a family of tall, thin people, my cousin is the worst at 6'5" and 125 lbs.) so my stomach is usually pretty much flat all the time. I definitely noticed that my jeans are tighter and from the side I look a little "fuller" right around/under my bellybutton but haven't gained weight. I just feel heavier, like all my weight is pulled toward the middle front of my body. There's no pain with the bloating though. I've felt something like cramps once or twice, but only for maybe a few minutes and it was days between.

    Also, I'm exhausted. I slept 12 hours from Saturday night to Easter morning and still felt like I needed a nap by mid-afternoon. I've been a little irritable but not too much, I think. A couple weeks ago, from Saturday to Wednesday i had mild nausea but never threw up or anything, just a queasy feeling and (TMI) a little diarrhea but I passed it off as a stomach bug. Every now and then since then I still feel queasy, but it usually goes away after a couple of hours. And the two weird, random things I can't explain. One, I can suddenly burp. I kid you not, from the time I was a kid I have not been able to burp, now all of the sudden I burp like 10 times a day. No change in diet, increase in soda or whatever, I haven't changed a thing. And two (also slightly TMI?), my nipples are crazy sensitive for no reason. Not in a painful way, but its definitely noticeable if I like, bump them accidentally. Maybe AF-related, not a cyst thing? But I've never really noticed anything like that before.

    Anyone ever experience anything similar? Really I just need to know I'm not crazy... so even if your symptoms were different than mine please vent with me! Solidarity thanks
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    If you are genuinely 5'8" and 105lbs, you are medically dangerously underweight. Your BMI is 16.0, which is lower than that of most fashion models and elite female athletes. Since your percent body fat is likely quite low, you don't have enough endogenous estrogen to support a regular monthly cycle. You are also likely to be infertile, so pregnancy is probably not the cause of your symptoms.

    An exceptionally small fraction of the population-- perhaps, even, none, including Somalis, Masai, Wolofs and other genetically tall, thin people groups-- will have a natural, healthy BMI of 16.0 If you have a cousin who really is 6'5" and 125lbs, her BMI is 14.8. That is below starvation-level and many people in famines or prisoner camps literally starve to death before reaching that level.

    It sounds like health insurance is a problem which is a great shame (damn the US health care system). Explore alternatives if you possibly can, including free clinics, teaching clinics, Medicaid (you have to be *really* poor to qualify, unfortunately) or even buying COBRA out of pocket. In the mean time reflect very honestly and very critically on your eating habits and if you really do think you're free of eating disordered pathology work very hard on gaining weight. 125lbs would be a slender, healthy weight for someone of thin build who is 5'8" in height. A lot of this endocrine suppression completely reverses itself with modest weight gain.

    Not cycling regularly is actually an important problem. Not doing so is very much linked to poor cardiovascular health, osteoporosis, and uterine cancers (your uterine lining needs to shed near-monthly otherwise the risk of endometrial cancer is very much increased).
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    Hi there. I just wanted to say that I don't have any experience with PCOS but I do sometimes get very lengthy cycles. My last one was 37 days. During the tail end of I was driving myself insane thinking that every little twinge or symptom was either pregnancy or some medical problem. I was crazy bloated and gassy too. I was convinced I was pregnant, but eventually AF arrived. I analyzed everything and I mean everything! That being said, everything you describe sounds a lot like preggo symptoms to me. I have never been pregnant but it all sounds like everything I have read about early pregnancy stuff. Maybe go to the doctor to ease your mind?

    Edit- I agree with blade. If insurance is a problem, go to a clinic. In our area we have a few very kind practioners that have a pay what you can system based on your income. Maybe they have something like that near you.
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    Not to be a downer, but I did experience something similar (AF more than a month late, body doing all kinds of weird things, though, no gas issues that I can recall but it was years ago) I went to my doctor and it turned out that I have PCOS. I went on hormonal birth control for a while, but when I went off it a few years later, I didn't have a lot of the tell-tale symptoms: I wasn't overweight (though nowhere near as slim as you are), no weird hair growth or thinning hair, no issues with insulin, and no high BP. You can still have it without all the symptoms. I highly suggest you see a doctor who can run blood tests and send you for a pelvic ultrasound if need be.
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    I have PCOS and would go months and months without a cycle. It was like this throughout high school and college. We tried for 3 years to get pregnant and PCOS is like a cruel joke. If you don't get your cycle, then you think you might be pregnant, then everythign seems like a symptom. Then months later you get one, even if it is only for 2 days like in my case. We decided to see a reproductive endocrinologist and found out that the problem is that my PCOS causes me not to ovulate on my own the majority of the time making it nearly impossible to become pregnant on my own. To get my cycles regulated, I had to take progesterone in pill form for 8 days I believe, and it would cause me to have a cycle about a week later. When that didn't work, we did the progesterone paired with Clomid. Now I am 35 weeks pregnant! Chances are, if your cycles are truely that irregular like mine, you are not pregnant.

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