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    How long did your labour last?

    Out of pure curiosity, how long did your labour/s last?
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    I've done it all - natural, c-section, vbac...and my vbac lasted 29 hours from the time my water broke until our son entered the world. It was actually my very best experience, considering!

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    My first was over 3 days ending with an emergency c-section. The next one I had a scheduled c-section
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    For my first -- my water broke spontaneously just after midnight, contractions started at 1 am, she was born a few minutes after 4am.....very fast. With my second, labor was 2 hr 10min from first contraction to baby. My third was my longest, but most pleasant labor....4 hrs 15 min

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    Just over 15 hours from start to finish. I had a natural birth with no pain relief apart from g&a.

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