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    When Someone You Love Likes Names That You Hate

    Has anyone had experiences where a close friend/relative wants to name their baby something that you really don't like? My sister likes names that many people would see as "low class" and she also likes "unisex" names. I feel terrible because I really want to like them, but at the same time have to give her my opinion. And yes, she does ask for my opinion. I was hoping that I could get some advice on what to do, and also some suggestions that I could give her (I have a hard time thinking of things, because our tastes are SO different). These are some names she is considering (for a girl):



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    I'm having the same issue now. My sister is getting into yooneek spellings (eek!) and unisex names for girls. I hate it because she truly wants my opinion, but seems hurt when I dislike a name. I tell her often that it really doesn't matter what I think, I will love the baby regardless and it is her choice, not mine.

    Maybe Charlotte or Jacqueline/Jaclyn for Charlie and Jace as nicknames? Zara or Zaria are pretty, more feminine alternatives for Zariah, even though I don't think it's too terrible with the 'h'-ending and it has a pretty meaning (though I'm pronouncing it like Daria and I have a feeling she is thinking Zuh-RYE-uh, and most other people would with the 'h' as well). I have no hope for baby girl Jayden or Jazlyn.

    If she really likes unisex names, why not Emerson, Ellison, Bay, Bailey, Quinn, or Delaney? Unisex names are not my favorite at all, but I don't find these too bad and they have some cute nicknames. I also like Macy, which isn't really unisex but it's sounds like Jace, so maybe you can sway your sister.
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    If she asks, tell her what you think. If not, let her name her own child. They're not great names, but they won't cause a lifetime of ostracization either. There are lots of other female Jaydens, Jazlyns, and Charlies- so while the names aren't everyone's taste, they're what your sister loves. Perhaps direct her to some name blogs like Nameberry and Appellation Mountain, but remember the ultimate choice is hers.

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    Does the name Jocelynn appeal to her at all? Not a unisex name but I think it has some of the same characteristics of the names you listed. Other names that come to mind are Morgan, Kendall, Quin, Jordan, Kellen, McKenzie, Avery, Lyric.
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    If she asks, maybe suggest something with a similar sound that's not TOO far outside her comfort zone. Something along the lines of "That's great, have you thought about NAME, it's really pretty too and it's similar to ONE OF HER FAVORITES." For example, Jace = Grace or Macy, Jazlyn = Jocelyn or Jasmine, Charlie = Carly or Marley or Charlize/Charlotte NN Charlie, Zariah = Mariah or Sariah or Zahara/Zara, and Jayden = Jayla or Kailyn (however KAY-lan is spelled) or Peyton.

    If she doesn't ask or doesn't like your suggestions, well then frankly: tough. Ultimately she's going to name her kid whatever she really loves. If I loved a name and someone kept trying to push me off of it just because they didn't like it I would get really, really annoyed. That's assuming a "normal" name that wouldn't be a problem for the child (ie Susan, not Tallula Does The Hula From Hawaii).
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