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    10 weeks to go, still no name.

    Im having a Boy, so they say anyways (doc's aren't always right are they?)

    Our last name is Colman....

    Our middle name for him will be Scott, it runs in the family with the first "boys" (hubbys granddad, dad, & older brother have the scott middle name...)

    We have 2 girls, Savannah Elizabeth and Natalie Jean.

    I am looking for something classic/traditional, not too common, and can be shortened.

    I am really leaning toward William Scott...but he doesn't like it (MEN....go figure!).

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    Let's see... how about...

    Frederick Scott nn Freddie
    August/Augustus Scott nn Gus or Auggie (I don't know about the double S tho...)
    Theodore Scott nn Theo (LOVE this one)
    Arthur Scott nn Art
    Joseph Scott nn Joe
    Walter Scott nn Walt
    Calvin Scott nn Cal
    Tobin Scott nn Tobey
    Griffin Scott nn Finn (not really traditional, but has a nice nn)

    There's a few to get you started! Hope this helps!

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    I second Joseph, Arthur and Frederick
    Douglas Scott Coleman
    Hugo Scott Coleman
    Nicholas Scott Coleman
    Timothy Scott Coleman
    Zachary Scott Coleman

    My friend loved William ended up going with Frank-can't really shorten but a pretty cool name I think.

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    I like your choice of William Scott best!

    I also like Timothy Scott, Alexander Scott, and Michael Scott.

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    Lover of names: Classic, Literary, Historical, or whatever strikes my fancy!

    Current loves- Ada, Iris, Beata, Minna/James, Milo, Dermot, Ewan

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