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    Name has bad "Google"- would you care?

    Just wondering whether you google your name combos with your LN?
    What would you think if you googled it and a negative association resulted?
    Would you dismiss that name? would you care? do you think other people would google that name and see the association? What if a name linked to something bad in history-eg Nazi Germany, natural disaster, a masacre?
    I know people who don't even know what their children's names mean- and honestly I don't think they care.
    Would/do people care about a link that is negative?

    What is the name had a different spelling? eg your LN was Smith and the bad association was LN Smyth?

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    1. I've googled my name and occasionally my favorite names or name crushes but never with a last name.

    2. Depends on the association - if it was truly, truly bad, I'd probably let it go (actually, that depends on how much I like the name). However, I'd like to think that I put enough thought into my name combinations when considering them that this wouldn't happen.
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    I do this! I don't know why because I did find something pretty bad but we still used the name. I guess it would have to be really bad- like very high profile, Nazi-connection, Terrorist, something like that to discount it.

    One of our daughters has a name (same first and last) that came up on a google search associated with a young prostitute (early 1900's). That really bothered me at first because I feel like "googling a name" is such a modern concept and it will only get more frequent. DH and I discussed what we'll do when this daughter (or one of our other girls) inevitably googles her name and sees the result. Not a huge deal....I mean we can't really lie and say we never knew that/saw the connection before .... I just plan to tell her that we loved her name and go through all the reasons we selected it. The connection is really not important to us - we have a fairly common last name so it's not too suprising to find overlap.
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    My SO almost sacked our final name choice because he googled it and it came up as the name of a porn star. Granted it was only the first name, but it bothered him.
    I reassured him that by the time she's older, that porn star will be way less famous/ significant. And it's only the first name! Our little one will have a double barreled and uncommon last name so there is no chance for her coming across anyone else with the EXACT same name anywhere.
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    I think it depends on how rare the combination is and what kind of negative result you mean. If you have an Isabella Jones and it turns out that there are a million average girls and then also a small handful of criminals and trashy minor celebrities with a version of the same name, it's to be expected due to the combination of a popular first name and a common last name. The associations are weakened by their variety. On the other hand, if your last name is Hitler, you just absolutely cannot use the name Adolf because the association is singular and horrible. I really wouldn't worry unless the name combination is of enduring historical/cultural significance OR extraordinarily unique, or both.

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