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    Help me name five kids

    I have five kids that need names - three boys and two girls. I have some ideas, but I'd like for you guys to read the descriptions and give me some first names that you think fit. These should be names that are relatively common, nothing too out there or trendy. (The nicknames I used below are not what the kids go by. Just used them so we could have something to refer to them by.)

    "Blondie" - Light blonde hair, green eyes, freckles; energetic, outdoorsy, adventurous, all boy, kind of rowdy - loves baseball, hunting, playing in the woods, working on cars with his dad; very protective of his little brother

    "Bear" - Dark brown hair, blue eyes, long eyelashes, small; very quiet, quirky, intelligent, curious, stays in his own world most of the time, very affectionate toward family though, kind of oblivious to other kids picking on him (which happens often)

    "Blondie" and "Bear" are brothers. Their parents would like one or two syllable names that give off a masculine, cool guy kind of image. The other three kids are siblings, cousins to Blondie and Bear. The three kids' names would be more Nameberry style.

    "Hop" - Light brown hair, blue eyes, freckles; energetic, athletic, outdoorsy, talkative, spunky, tomboy; she needs a girly name with a boyish nickname

    "Skip" - Blonde hair, green eyes, very fair-skinned; very girly - the princesses, horses, and tea parties kind of girl, loving, affectionate, talkative, imaginative, smart

    "Beat" - Reddish brown hair, green eyes, freckles; very similar to "Blondie" as far as interests and personality goes, except "Beat" is one of those kids who never slows down - he always has to be doing something
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    Bear- Sean
    Blondie- Liam
    Both are very masculine, common, and seems to suit their personalities.
    Hop- The first thing that comes to mind is Riley, with Riles as a nickname. Other names could be: Georgia/Georgie Josephine/ Jo
    Skip- Clarissa, meaning bright, Susannah, or Edith
    Beat- Cameron, Devin, Ash, Dean, Milo, Hayden

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    Blondie: Henry, very classic and masculine
    Bear: Andrew, likewise
    Hop: Willow/Will, Olivia/Ollie, Scarlett/Scotty (this last one may not go together, but to me they make sense)
    Skip: Penelope, Rhiannon, or Mia all seem to suit her
    Beat: I love Milo as a suggestion, otherwise Simon or August
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    Beat - Michael Jimmy nn. Mike
    Skip - Rosaline Matilda nn. Rosie
    Hop - Samantha Eloisenn. Sam
    Bear - Lyle Benjamin
    Blondie - Adam Isaiah
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    I think Hop and Skip would have quite girly names, one that is shortened and one used in it's entirity.
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    For their brother I'd go with something solidly masculine, perhaps with a nickame:

    Blondie and Bear I imagine something a bit more short and snappy. Blondie quite rough and tumble, Bear more bookish.

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