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    Stuck on a couple of names for my new book

    My main characters are twins with the name Cassidy and Melody. They are Life and Death mages. I am trying to come up with a last name for them.

    Also, I am stuck on the villain. She is a mage with the powers of kinetic energy. I found Noah (meaning motion), but I'm not sure it is a good villain name.

    Thank you for your help. I am so bad at names.

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    Xavier, Sterling, Winterose, Hughes all sound like good last names. I likethe suggestions of Adams and Stone.

    I looked up "move" and found Noa(no 'h'), Zarifa, and Zaza. Noa means 'movement' in Hebrew. I looked up "energy" and found some interesting names. Chaka, Chakra, Kineta, Moxie and Urja all have something to do with energy. Kineta is a little cheesey but literally means " full of energy" in Greek.

    Good luck!
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    For the girls, try Moore, and the villian, Stone.

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