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    Girls' Names....Things just got real.

    Hello, denizens of Nameberry. I'm new here and on a mission. You see, my husband and I are expecting girl triplets, and we've been, well, a bit lax about finding names for the past 6 months. Getting everything else prepped for the arrival of the girls (the FIRST birth, too!) has taken dominance over what they will be called. But now that I'm in the final trimester, it finally hit me that this journey is almost over. Our daughters will be here soon. They need names, because I don't want to be at the hospital and regret what ends up on those birth certificates forever, and hopefully they won't either.

    I've asked family, friends, and in-laws for suggestions but all I've gotten is cheesy, painfully multiple-cliche names. I got a recommendation from my SIL, who apparently lurks here sometimes. She said there were a bunch of fantastic lists here...but I'm looking for more personal aid.

    So, I'm hopelessly lost when it comes to names, and the hubby's no help either. I tend to like classic names that are familiar yet uncommon, a la Vivienne and Cecilia (those would be top contenders, but then I realized how very popular they are, especially here in the Midwest). Any suggestions to start with? Thanks a bunch, I think I'll owe you all eternal servitude by the time this is over!


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