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    What do the extremely wealthy name their children???

    I know this is random, but some of my baby name books categorize certain names as "upper class" and some as "lower class". To be clear, I am by no means 'upper class", LOL. But I am curious if there are trends these days that are different for the extremely wealthy, vs the middle class. I searched online and couldn't really find anything current. It also seems like a weird question to ask, so I hesitated posting. But what the heck, I'm just curious.

    Anyways, I just thought I'd ask.

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    I think there are certainly some trends that vary a bit from the standard lists. I live an an area that's extremely wealthy and my job takes me to a lot of their homes (wandering around and taking notes for lack of a better description) so of course I snoop their childrens names when theyre displayed. A couple things I've noticed....

    A lot of one syllable names, many unisex: Elle, Bay, Finn, Wade, Blake, Brooke, Quinn, Beck, Bea (well, see below), Huck.
    Beatrix everywhere. Probably tied with Elle for the girls name I see the most.
    Less common surname names--instead of Harper and Hadley, Harrington (that was on a girl) and Fenton
    Less of the nickname-y names we'd associate with the past few generations of waspy nicknames. Although a few standard nicknames used without a full name. (example, Marge, just Marge and Char, just Char). I did spot one maybe 8 or 9 year old Bitsy though.
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    I'm not sure. I don't know many "extremely wealthy" people, haha, or even run in their circles, for the most part, but I work in the well-to-do area of my county, and we get a lot of the wealthier clientele, and I hear a lot of little girls with unisex names (Bailey, Casey, Rowan, etc.) or with classic, feminine, and non-top 10 names (like Caroline, Margot, etc.) or popular feminine names (like Ella, Olivia, Bella, Sophia, etc.). Most of the well-to-do families I know personally use posh-sounding classic, old names like Sebastian and Clark. I can't really pinpoint their style for girls--one is Jordana and the other is Elora. I think Elora fits much more in the same style of Caroline, Margot, Sebastian, and Clark, while Jordana... I really don't know what category that fits into, haha.
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    I went to college with a few. There was more than one Caroline, Nina, Charlotte, Sarah, Andrew, Ben, Billy (I think that he was William, Jr.). There were a lot of wealthy people with trust funds who would not necessarily have to work, but these were the names of the super-loaded, have-their-names-on-Ivy-League-buildings types that I can remember off the top of my head.
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    I knew one family. James, India, Sophie, Rory, Cosima. I also know a very wealthy Bunny.
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