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    Beating Tradition- Variations on what I'm stuck with?

    Because of tradition, my first born son's middle name has to be Robert, but it doesn't fit well with the types of first names I like. for example:

    Slade Robert
    Ryder Robert
    Aleksandr/Alexander Robert
    Adam Robert
    Carson or Carter Robert
    Landon Robert
    Cole Robert

    So, I am in desperate need of ways to... go around.. tradition, and I'm thinking different versions of Robert or maybe names that mean the same thing? What are variations or substitutes for Robert that would go with the above names? I am also open to suggestions of first names that go with the middle name Robert.

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    Robin maybe? Bobby Or Rupert (although I don't think they go with your style, sorry!).

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    Aleksander Robert sounds lovely

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    I like Alexander Robert and Cole Robert.

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    My brother's name is Adam Robert. It never struck me as a terrible combination or anything. In fact, most of your combos seem...fine? As far as flow goes, at least. Ryder Robert is the only one that sounds a little 'off' to me. I'm a little confused at your panic, actually. I sort of get the impression that you're not really that worried about the flow - you just don't like the name Robert and are upset that you "have to" use it. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I just don't see a problem here at all.)

    Maybe you could give us some more details about this tradition that's apparently forcing you into using Robert as a middle name, and why exactly you feel you can't just not go along with it (yet why you also feel that deviating from "Robert" by using an alternative but related-ish name would somehow be acceptable). It would help us (well, or me, at least) give better suggestions.
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