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    Exclamation Opinions on these uncommon names!!

    I like less common names. I dislike old-fashioned/Biblical names.

    Kayleigh Scarlett
    Emilyn Kristal
    Rain Lilith (Before you try to tell me, Lilith is NOT in the Bible. She is in Jewish folklore/mythology!)
    Francis Ava
    Tessie McKayla
    Carina Tuesday
    Libbie MacHeath
    Cordelia Lucyann
    Briella Clarisse
    Meg Lorelei
    Lilyrose Bree

    Please comment on as many as you can! I'd love to hear your opinions! (:

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    I like Francis Ava, Meg Lorelai and Rain Lilith. I think Francis Ava is my favorite. I like the nn options like Frankie or Fifi. Ava is a lovely classic name. Meg Lorelai has a nice flow to it. I have recently been loving short first names. Very chic.

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    Kayleigh Scarlett - Kayleigh is actually really common as are most names that end in lee/ly/leigh
    Emilyn Kristal - Is this to be said Emma-lynn? The spelling is throwing me off, and you have the same issue as above with the lee/ly/leigh.
    Rain Lilith (Before you try to tell me, Lilith is NOT in the Bible. She is in Jewish folklore/mythology!) The flow on this name is just throwing me off. Lilith Rain sounds better, IMO.
    Francis Ava - Same with this one. Ava Fracis sounds better.
    Tessie McKayla - Tess, maybe? Or Tessa?
    Carina Tuesday - Love this one
    Libbie MacHeath - Eh... Sounds too nickname-y for me. Maybe a fuller name for Libbie?
    Cordelia Lucyann - Cordelia is beautiful. I don't like Lucyann. Lucy Ann, maybe? Or just Lucy?
    Briella Clarisse - Pretty
    Meg Lorelei - Lorelei is nice. Meg sounds like a nickname.
    Lilyrose Bree - The combination of Lily and Rose is too much. Lily Rose, perhaps?

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    Kayleigh Scarlett - not fond of either name
    Emilyn Kristal - again not too fond of these names together
    Rain Lilith - would like this more if the names were switched
    Tessie McKayla - cute,not find of mc names
    Carina Tuesday - ok
    Libbie MacHeath - not my taste
    Cordelia Lucyann - pretty cute unexpectedly fun
    Briella Clarisse - kinda mouthful lots of L's
    Meg Lorelei - ok
    Lilyrose Bree - looks like lilyrose bee..

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    I really like Kayleigh Scarlett, Briella Clarisse, and Rain Lilith. Scarlett, Brielle, and Clarissa nn Clara are all on my list and are similar to parts of these. I have always loved the name Rain/Raen/Rayne/Raine, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to use it!

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