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    I was really surprised when I read your list. You specifically said that you like less common names, but a lot of the names on your list are very very trendy and popular right now. Some of these names might not have been popular while you were growing up, so they seem fresh and new, but they really aren't any more.

    Kayleigh Scarlett - Kayleigh is actually quite common/trendy, along with similar names Kylie, Kayla, Kaylee, Hailey and etc. Scarlett is also becoming more popular/trendy, but it isn't overly popular yet.

    Emilyn Kristal - Emilyn sounds very trendy and common as well. Emma/Emily and many names ending in "lyn" are very popular right now. Emilyn itself might not be, but there are so many similar names that are trendy right now that it kind of just gets lumped with them. Kristal seems very dated to me.

    Rain Lilith - I would prefer Lilith Rain, but either way it is a nice combo.

    Francis Ava - Francis isn't my cup of tea and Ava is extremely popular right now. They do sound nice together though.

    Tessie McKayla - Tessie isn't bad, but I do prefer Tessa. It sounds less childish and more formal, less of a nickname. McKayla screams super trendy and common. The Michaela spelling makes it seem a little less trendy.

    Carina Tuesday - I think Carina is lovely! I really like it a lot. Tuesday is a little out there for me. But if it has special meaning then go for it.

    Libbie MacHeath - I don't mind Libbie, but I do prefer it is as nickname to something more formal like Elizabeth or Liberty. MacHeath sounds made up and very masculine. There is a fictional character named Macheath.

    Cordelia Lucyann - I love Cordelia. It is beautiful and unusual! Lucyann is ok. I prefer Lucia or Lucy-Ann.

    Briella Clarisse - I like this combo a lot. Briella does have a bit of a trendy feel because of all the Elle/Ella type names, but it is still nice. Clarisse is unexpected and lovely.

    Meg Lorelei - Not a fan of Meg. Reminds me of Meg from The Family Guy. Also seems more popular than it is because of all the Megans that go by Meg as a nickname. Lorelei isn't my cup of tea, but it is pretty.

    Lilyrose Bree - Flower overkill for me. Bree reminds me of the cheese. I prefer Bryn, Blair, Brielle and etc.
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    Kayleigh Scarlett- This is very trendy and common. Scarlett less so, but still getting here.
    Emilyn Kristal- I don't know if it is, but it feels common. I don't like it either
    Rain Lilith- Doesn't sound as good together, and Rain is weird
    Francis Ava- Love this, since Ava is kind of popular it works well as a middle name
    Tessie McKayla- Not my style, and it might feel common
    Carina Tuesday- I love Carina! I don't like day of the week names, but it sounds fine together if you like it.
    Libbie MacHeath- I don't like either
    Cordelia Lucyann-Love
    Briella Clarisse-Great combo
    Meg Lorelei- I personally love it.
    Lilyrose Bree- I don't like it, too much flower

    You have an interesting style that is mixed of unusual older classic names (Cordelia) with other trendy nicknames (Kayleigh) I like a lot of your combos a lot!

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    Kayleigh - I love this name and this Kaleigh is my favorite spelling but I like this spelling too. I think everyone knows this name so I don't think it's THAT uncommon but its a cute name.

    Emilyn- I don't think there's anything wrong with this name! Super cute
    Rain - I don't think Lilith goes with this but I love the name.
    Francis- I like the girly spelling and I think this is a cute old fashioned name.
    Meg Lorelei- I this as a double first name
    Libbie - this is the only one that I don't think is uncommon for young kids but its adorable.

    I like the rest of them, I think the best thing is that none of them are totally ridiculous like Xntherq4ii but they're all not too popular.

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    Frances (spelt the girls way!) Ava, Briella Clarisse and Kayleigh Scarlett are my favourites. I'd like Meg Lorelei more if it was Megan Lorelei or Margaret Lorelei.

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    Kayleigh Scarlett- Kayleigh is very popular where I am and I just don't like it. Scarlett is pretty though!
    Emilyn Kristal- Mmm, not my favorite.
    Rain Lilith (Before you try to tell me, Lilith is NOT in the Bible. She is in Jewish folklore/mythology!)- I like this. It's fresh sounding and pretty.
    Francis Ava- Way to go! This is awesome, I love the use of Francis paired with popular Ava.
    Tessie McKayla- I would prefer Tess and I dislike McKayla.
    Carina Tuesday- Wow, cool. I'm not sure how I feel about this but it flows nicely.
    Libbie MacHeath- This is cool too! I like it.
    Cordelia Lucyann-I like Cordelia. I like Lucy. Just not Lucyann.
    Briella Clarisse- Mmm Briella sounds mighty trendy. Not a fan.
    Meg Lorelei- Cool. I like this one.
    Lilyrose Bree- Not really a fan.
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