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    sister for ezra and eden?

    Expecting our third, a girl, in a few weeks and can't agree on a name. Ezra is the oldest boy and Eden is our daughter. We do not need an "E" name, although my husband likes Emmy for a nickname.

    I want a name that has Jewish or Hebrew origins or is nature-inspired. Want to keep the name kind of short and sweet like my two older ones but equally happy with a zippy nickname instead. We are having a hard time agreeing on a name and baby#3 is due soon!

    Some names I like and my husband like, but we can't both agree on...

    Ivy, Tamar, Maya, Aliya, Jordan/Jordana, Arden, Ari (but I hate the longer Arielle), Emanuelle/Emilia (shortened to Emmy)

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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