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    Erm, mostly meaning doesn't factor at all. I find myself attracted naturally to names with ties to my faith or something that really matters to me, but I don't choose it for its meaning, I choose it because I like the name. I love that Isabelle means "My God is a vow", but that's not the sole reason it's my top choice. If I hated Isabelle, I wouldn't use it. I love the meaning of Beatrice, but I hate the name, so I'd never use it. I am curious about the meaning when I add a name to my list, and I generally know the gist of what every name on my list means, but that's just for personal knowledge. I like that the meaning of names adds depth to it--I got a name "just because we liked it", and I want my children to have more meaningful names than that.

    However, some meanings could be dealbreakers--even if Hayden wasn't trendy and popular, I wouldn't use it (even though I like it), because the meaning "heathen" bothers me a lot. I wouldn't want my child to have to live with that label, especially if he decided to embrace my faith (which I fully hope he will!). Same goes for Isadora. It's a pretty name, and I think the meaning is lovely for someone who believes in Isis, but for me, my daughter would be a gift from God, not Isis, so I wouldn't use it. Which is why Isabelle appeals to me so much more (plus, I just like Belle/Bella/Ella loads better than Dora/Dorie/Doro). It's usually religious names/names with religious meaning that are off-putting to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uselesskitty View Post
    When considering names I tend to look at all the pros and cons so I can choose the best names for my family (pets or children). I try to take all things into consideration including popularity, meaning, perception of the name, cultural background of the name, history of the name, associations with the name, sound of the name and etc. So yes, meaning is important, but it is not everything to me.

    I did choose my daughter's name 100% for the meaning. We named her Serenity because she was stillborn, and she will always be at peace.

    We chose my sons name, Luther, because:
    -it sounded good with our last name and our chosen middle names
    -it is uncommon
    -it has positive associations
    -easy to spell and pronounce
    -it is German, which is part of my hubby's heritage
    -the meaning: people army/people's army wasn't overly important to us, but because my hubby is a history buff and was in the military it suited well enough
    Very good answer and I completely agree - I love the meaning behind my sons name but the meaning is not the reason we chose Callum or Rhys, we loved the way they sounded both alone and together with our last name - and they just felt right.

    Serenity is a beautiful name.
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    Not really. But if it's a cool meaning, then yes I suppose that could make me like the name more.
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    I'll look at the meaning but it doesn't really affect my decision unless Im looking for a name with a specific meaning. A nice meaning is more of a perk. Its more important for the name to sound and look nice and go with the last name thank anything.
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    Meaning matters to me. Not necessarily literal meaning, but it has to have personal meaning to us. We used Jane because it has personal significance to us, and I love the meaning, history, and folklore behind Rowan. And it also has some personal meaning because it's from one of my favorite movies.

    In order for a name to be on my list it has to have at least one of the following;

    1. Personal significance
    2. A really cool meaning
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