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    Erm, mostly meaning doesn't factor at all. I find myself attracted naturally to names with ties to my faith or something that really matters to me, but I don't choose it for its meaning, I choose it because I like the name. I love that Isabelle means "My God is a vow", but that's not the sole reason it's my top choice. If I hated Isabelle, I wouldn't use it. I love the meaning of Beatrice, but I hate the name, so I'd never use it. I am curious about the meaning when I add a name to my list, and I generally know the gist of what every name on my list means, but that's just for personal knowledge. I like that the meaning of names adds depth to it--I got a name "just because we liked it", and I want my children to have more meaningful names than that.

    However, some meanings could be dealbreakers--even if Hayden wasn't trendy and popular, I wouldn't use it (even though I like it), because the meaning "heathen" bothers me a lot. I wouldn't want my child to have to live with that label, especially if he decided to embrace my faith (which I fully hope he will!). Same goes for Isadora. It's a pretty name, and I think the meaning is lovely for someone who believes in Isis, but for me, my daughter would be a gift from God, not Isis, so I wouldn't use it. Which is why Isabelle appeals to me so much more (plus, I just like Belle/Bella/Ella loads better than Dora/Dorie/Doro). It's usually religious names/names with religious meaning that are off-putting to me.
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