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    I tend to love a name that I already like if it has a meaning. I found a lovely name the other day but it meant bitter. I put it to the bottom of my name list but didnt remove it like.
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    Name meaning, both literal and personal, is very important to me. I wouldn't use a name with a negative meaning.

    It's also important to check your sources when researching names. The Nameberry database is not a reliable source for name meanings.

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    When considering names I tend to look at all the pros and cons so I can choose the best names for my family (pets or children). I try to take all things into consideration including popularity, meaning, perception of the name, cultural background of the name, history of the name, associations with the name, sound of the name and etc. So yes, meaning is important, but it is not everything to me.

    I did choose my daughter's name 100% for the meaning. We named her Serenity because she was stillborn, and she will always be at peace.

    We chose my sons name, Luther, because:
    -it sounded good with our last name and our chosen middle names
    -it is uncommon
    -it has positive associations
    -easy to spell and pronounce
    -it is German, which is part of my hubby's heritage
    -the meaning: people army/people's army wasn't overly important to us, but because my hubby is a history buff and was in the military it suited well enough
    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Luther's little brother November 2015!
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    Meaning isn't terribly important to me, but if a name has a negative meaning it puts a bad tint to it. It's more about if I like the name and if it's not offensive.

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    I agree with you, I don't care about the meaning. I don't even know the meaning of my or my siblings names, its never been on my radar. Aside from if the name was inappropriate like Martini, Ecstasy, or Trollop, or something (not that those are names..). Other than that, if I like the name I don't care at all.

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