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    Does name meaning matter to you?

    In my opinion, the meaning doesn't influence my thoughts on the name. If I like the name, then I like it. I don't really care what the name means. What are your thoughts on name meaning for girls? Does it matter & does it influence your opinion of the name?

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    It's rare that the meaning of a name has any significance when I'm considering whether or not I like a name. Sometimes the story behind a name will grab my attention (such as in names from mythology), but I don't necessarily love ones with positive attributes and hate ones with negative attributes. More commonly, names I love are just...names I love. There are many names I love that I probably wouldn't if not for a strong familial or spiritual connection.

    (My name's meaning, in light of my personality, is absurd. That may have something to do with my opinion. )

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    Well... Cameron "crooked nose" and ones like that tend to put me off.
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    It's not a priority (I'm more about names' literary associations!) but I do keep meanings in mind - I like nature and animal meanings, just always feel like those are a sweet association to have.

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    Name meaning is definately one of the aspect that I will consider and bear in mind when I choose a name. I don't know why but I find that it is important.
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