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    Florence, Flora or Charlotte?

    Middle name will be Suzanne, and we have a one-syllable last name.

    Florence Suzanne
    Flora Suzanne
    Charlotte Suzanne

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    Charlotte by a mile. I like it the best on its own and with Charlotte.

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    Flora Suzanne has the best flow and is beautiful! I love Charlotte and it works ok with Suzanne in the middle, but Flora Suzanne sounds better, imo. The "s" sound at the end of Florence runs into the 's" of Suzanne.
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    I love Flora Suzanne. Charlotte Suzanne is fine, too, but one vowel ending and one consonant ending have a lightness that I prefer to two consonant-ending names together.

    Flora Suzanne just sounds so bright and cheery to me.

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    I also like Flora Suzanne! Charlotte Suzanne would be my second choice.
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