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    when you hear theresa .. what little girl do you envision ??

    Trying soo hard to find a girls name and it is becoming an obsession.. My 3 yr old son is named Robert after his dad, and would like to keep a more traditional name for her..

    I keep looking but coming back to Theresa ... I don't know if I love it or am just settling ..

    if you were to meet a little girl named Theresa, how would you picture her...? thanks

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    My college roomate and life-long friend is Theresa, so I envision a smart, capable, beautiful young woman. She's a teacher and wonderful mother and wife.

    My imagination leads me to a dark-haired, smart young woman who generally follows the rules and is pleasant to most everyone.
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    The Therisa (<--) that spelling is a friend of the family. She's a librarian and an overall nice woman. Religious, sort of stuck up - but nice. It doesn't have an good/bad overall connotation for me.

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    Sorry but I instantly think of Mother Theresa; I don't associate it with a little kid at all. I also had a kindergarten teacher named that. BUT if you like it, don't let others' perceptions change your mind. It's a lovely name and she will grow into the name and make it her own, however her personality is.

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    I think of my cousin Theresa. She's very intelligent and pretty- and she's fun too. I have a hard time imagining someone terribly religious with this name, aside from Mother Theresa, because my cousin really isn't religious. She has piercings and tattoos as well. I like the name, I think it's a classic.

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