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Thread: Rate my combos?

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    My favourites (in no particular order):
    Elizabeth Arwen - beautiful classic with unexpected, magical middle.
    Minerva Melody - similar contrast to Elizabeth Arwen. Great flow and lovely alliteration.
    Felicity Emma - I agree with pp, love the Jane Austen feel
    Cordelia Vesper - again, love the Shakespearean classic with unusual mn.
    Alethea Willow - has an spritely, ethereal quality.
    Gwendolyn Eva - love both names, and adore Wendy and Gwen.

    If I can play with them a bit:
    Verity Kaia
    Amadea Lucy
    Ariadne Fay
    Luna Beatrix
    Saskia Verity
    Gwendolen & Jerome & Rosenwyn & Nikolai

    Seasonal lovelies
    Demelza Clove . Jorah Dunstan . Cerelia Autumn . Rupert Garrick . Hesper Scarlett .
    Nashua Rowan . Cassia Hecate . Jasper Gwydion . Rowena Aspen . Reid Septimus

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    You have some excellent names here. I really like these.

    Saskia Lucy
    Elizabeth Arwen - though this reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Arden.....
    Gwendolyn Eva
    Kaia Verity
    Alethea Willow
    Felicity Emma - SO STUNNING!

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    Lucy Amadea - love!
    Mavis Linnea - love
    Elizabeth Arwen - love!
    Gwendolyn Eva - love love love!

    Fay Sakura - this is okay, Sakura is very unfamiliar and sounds a bit like saccharine Fay!
    Alethea Willow (nn Thea) - I prefer just Althea, but it's a nice combo
    Miranda Kelly - this sounds like a celebrity name, it's very pretty, it just really sounds like a news anchor or something.
    Magnolia Seren (nn Meg) - I like Magnolia a lot
    Cordelia Vesper (nn Cora) - pretty!
    Minerva Melody (nn Min or Nuri) - I like Minerva, I'd prefer it with a different middle--Minerva Willow? Minerva Linnea?
    Felicity Emma - okay, not nearly as interesting as your other combos.

    Mei Ariadne - Like Ariadne, Mei is pretty but I'd like it better switched about Ariadne Mei
    Mira Beatrix - love Beatrix, I have the same problem with Mira as I have with Kyra and Kaia--unfamiliar and uncertain pronunciation
    Kyra Megumi (Meh-goo-me) -never heard of Megumi, it's not a pleasant sound. Is Kyra like Kear-uh or Kye-ruh? What about Lyra?
    Kaia Verity (Kaia is kye-uh) - Love Verity. Kaia is a pretty sound, but it's never a good sign when you have to explain how it's pronounced.
    Saskia Lucy (nn Kia) - love Lucy, Saskia sounds too much like Sasquatch to me.
    Fiorella Sophie - sorry, Fiorella sounds like a type of pasta to me. The flow is nice though.
    Esla Lillian - Esla doesn't sound like a name to me, it's very unfamiliar.
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
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    SaskiaLucy (nn Kia) -- 7/10, I don't love either name but it's not bad
    FaySakura -- 4/10, I really don't like Fay - I'd prefer Fable or May. Sakura is beautiful, though.
    MavisLinnea (nn Mave or May) -- 4/10, again I really don't like Mavis. Linnea is pretty, however.
    ElizabethArwen (nn Libby or Libba) -- 10/10, absolutely perfect! The only thing I don't like is the nickname.. Libby sounds kind of trashy to me.
    LunaSarai -- 9/10, so pretty!
    GwendolynEva (nn Wendi or Gwen) -- 6/10, I don't love Gwendolyn nor Gwen, but I like Eva.
    KaiaVerity (Kaia is kye-uh) -- 1/10, neither name is my style
    AletheaWillow (nn Thea) -- 8/10, very delicate and pretty!
    KyraMegumi (Meh-goo-me) -- 1/10, Kyra is beginning to sound dated to me, and this just isn't my style.
    MirandaKelly (Kelly is my mom's name; nn Miri) -- 8/10, Miranda is very refreshing and pretty! I don't like Kelly, but here I like it because it honours.
    LucyAmadea -- 7/10, I love Amadea so much, but Lucy is a little plain to me.
    MagnoliaSeren (nn Meg) -- 5/10, not my style either.
    CordeliaVesper (nn Cora) -- 6/10, love Cordelia but hate Vesper
    Esla Lillian -- Did you mean Elsa? 9/10 for Elsa, but 2/10 for Esla
    FiorellaSophie (nn Fia or Ellie) -- 3/10, not my style
    MinervaMelody (nn Min or Nuri) -- 5/10, Minerva is cool but I don't like the alliteration
    FelicityEmma (nn Lissie, Fia or Fi) -- 3/10, not my style and I've just never liked Felicity
    MeiAriadne -- 7/10, prefer May, but this is pretty
    MiraBeatrix -- 6/10, love Mira, but not Beatrix

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    I like Lucy Amedea and Felicity Emma the best!
    Just a teenage writer with a fascination for names!

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