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Thread: Rate my combos?

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    Rate my combos?

    I'm not close to expecting or TTC, but I'm thinking about revamping my name list and getting opinions from people who understand that Jaydynn is not unique in a good way and Madison is a boys' name.

    So, here it goes:

    Saskia Lucy (nn Kia)
    Fay Sakura
    Mavis Linnea (nn Mave or May)
    Elizabeth Arwen (nn Libby or Libba)
    Luna Sarai
    Gwendolyn Eva (nn Wendi or Gwen)
    Kaia Verity (Kaia is kye-uh)
    Alethea Willow (nn Thea)
    Kyra Megumi (Meh-goo-me)
    Miranda Kelly (Kelly is my mom's name; nn Miri)
    Lucy Amadea
    Magnolia Seren (nn Meg)
    Cordelia Vesper (nn Cora)
    Esla Lillian
    Fiorella Sophie (nn Fia or Ellie)
    Minerva Melody (nn Min or Nuri)
    Felicity Emma (nn Lissie, Fia or Fi)
    Mei Ariadne
    Mira Beatrix
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    What about Saskia Mei? I like the Saskia alone anyway.

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    I really like your choices! Lovely taste

    My favorite combinations are Gwendolyn Eva, Lucy Amadea, and Magnolia Seren.

    I feel like Fiorella Sophie doesn't really sound complete since Sophie is used as a nickname generally. Just my opinion. But Fiorella is a GORGEOUS, underused Italian name that I would love to see used! Especially with nickname Fia. So cute.

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    The only one I like is Kaia Verity, maybe Miranda Kelly.
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    Saskia Lucy -- Cool, but makes me think of the gymnast Nastia Liuken. Saskia May (as suggested by a pp) or Saskia Linette seem to work a little better.
    Mavis Linnea -- Great combo, both underused and pretty names!
    Elizabeth Arwen -- Perfect blend of classic and rare.
    Luna Sarai -- I don't like Luna, but I love Sarai!
    Gwendolyn Eva -- I like Gwendolyn Eve better.
    Kaia Verity -- Beautiful!!
    Alethea Willow -- Very poetic and meaningful. Love it!
    Felicity Emma -- Ooh, feels very Jane Austen and elegant!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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